Johnny Depp Hairstyles

Johnny Depp is known for his eclectic and dynamic looks. A crucial element in creating these looks is his hairstyles – which vary to suit different characters.

Recently, he was seen with a fresh haircut. He donned it for a costume fitting in Paris for his new film in which he will play King Louis XV; additionally, he wore a suede jacket and dark aviator glasses.

Long hair

Johnny Depp exudes rock and roll and classic style in his outfits, from his long ponytail with sleek hairdo to detailed suits with this look.

When filming a new movie with Amber Heard later this year, Depp was seen sporting this look while wearing an eye-catching pitch-black detailed suit, which he also donned during this look.

Johnny Depp’s distinctive hairdos are eye-catching and crafted perfectly for each role, always striving to add something special. Johnny always goes above and beyond in creating that unforgettable point of distinction that gives his look such an edge.

Longer locks may require volumizing shampoo and conditioner to achieve added volume, with a light work-through of pomade for a silky smooth finish. You could also try styling it into a quiff or slick back to add structure and form.

Short hair

Johnny Depp has many unique casual short hairstyles. One of his most recognizable looks was in Mortdecai, where he donned a 1920s-style dirty blonde 1920s hairdo with handlebar mustaches.

To achieve this style, begin with low taper fade sides and comb the top backward. Add pomade or hair clay for additional texture if desired.

Make an impressionful statement by side-parting your hair in the middle for an eye-catching classic style. Apply some pomade or hair clay to damp hair and comb it into an inverted part before sweeping your locks back and tucking behind your ears for an elegant formal event or wedding ceremony.

Blonde hawk

Johnny Depp’s hair designs are always memorable, and this blonde mohawk is no different. With its low taper fade on the sides and long quiff on top, this style makes an eye-catching vintage statement.

Johnny Depp played Gellert Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald with a super bleached blonde faux hawk that highlighted his jawline and cheekbones and matched his character’s demeanor perfectly. To recreate this style at home, bleach your hair using thickening or texturizing powder for natural texture before bleaching your locks with bleach.

A side-swept brushed-back quiff may be your ideal style if you’re searching for a versatile haircut that can fit various occasions. Easy to create and pairs well with beards or soul patches.

Wet look

Johnny Depp shocked his fans when he arrived at a film festival wearing an eye-catching platinum blonde mullet with bleached locks.

Paired with a dark hat and dark shades, Depp made quite an impression as Gellert Grindelwald, an evil wizard known for violence and hostility in the Fantastic Beasts movie. This striking hairdo perfectly encapsulated his character and may be a shock for those unfamiliar with seeing Johnny in such an extreme look!

First, blow-dry washed hair and tousle the strands to create texture to achieve this look. Next, use light pomade or wax to style into an undone and disheveled style before applying a small amount of hairspray to lock in place the style – ideal for men who wish to show their edge while remaining stylish and masculine.