Jimin Breaks the Internet With Black Hair

BTS’s Jimin is known for his colorful hair dye jobs, but fans went wild when he showed up with black hair! Achieving this look is simple: comb back your hair and apply pomade to keep it in place.


Creating wavy locks is perfect for a lively and energetic look. No matter the length or style of your hair, curl it and spray with hairspray for a stunning effect. Pairing it with a fade on the sides adds sophistication and ensures you’ll be the center of attention.

Long Hair

Jimin surprised ARMYs by posting pictures of himself with long silver hair extensions. This elegant and striking look works for any occasion. Pair it with dark or light outfits for an ethereal effect, or add platinum highlights for extra style.

Sleek Straight

To achieve a sleek look like Jimin’s, blow-dry your hair straight and apply pomade or putty. Leave some sections down to frame your face and add texture. Jimin loves exploring different hairstyles and colors, and each one looks stunning.

Framed Face

Jimin dressed up to promote BTS’s new album release. His hair and face were beautifully framed by a black blazer with square-framed sunglasses. This picture quickly went viral, showcasing Jimin’s diverse fashion and hairstyle choices.