How to Style Jeonghan’s Long Hair

1. Blonde Hair

Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN earned widespread acclaim due to his long hair. Wearing this look during their debut show made an unforgettable first impression. Your eye catches him out of the corner of your eye, his golden blonde locks glinting in the sun. He looks at you curiously before nodding his head knowingly. He waves bye to his friends before running towards you.

2. Black Roots

Jeonghan stands out with black roots woven throughout his long locks, giving his long locks an eye-catching two-tone appearance – something we rarely see among male idols! Jeonghan debuted with his iconic long blond locks for SEVENTEEN’s comeback of “Ready to Love.” Fans loved his look as it reminded them of Mikey from the Tokyo Revengers anime series; however, the idol decided to cut his hair for an updated style.

3. Soft Curls

Soft curls are an elegant variation on a classic perm, perfect for creating a rocker chic style. Their voluminous coils look beautiful when worn over one shoulder with a deep side parting, especially with soft waves or waves! Ask your stylist about adding some balayage highlights for added dimension and thickness to the locks for even more significant impact and consistency!

4. Straight Hair

Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN was famous for his long blond locks upon their debut days, though since cutting them short, fans still cherish his iconic visuals! Mikey from Tokyo Revengers would recognize him with his blond haircut! Jeonghan looked stunning sporting this hair color and style! In addition, for the Mansae promotion, Jeonghan showed his skills by rocking darker looks, such as his Mansae promo look.

5. Soft Curls with Black Roots

Curls can be tricky to achieve on textured hair without overheating, so an overnight style could be ideal if your locks have knots. Pin wet hair onto one-inch flexi rods before bed to protect ends while yielding soft coils the following morning. This style is ideal for highlighting an eye-catching color or ombre dye job and can add dimension and dimension to your look.

6. Soft Curls with Straight Hair

Straight hair can make maintaining full and bouncy curls challenging, so try sleeping with your locks arranged into a loose bun or ponytail, so they have time to relax before being brushed out the following morning. Jeonghan from SEVENTEEN first made his debut with long blond locks that won over fans with their androgynous charm, yet recently cut them to go for a different style.

7. Soft Curls with Black Roots

Attain effortless elegance with soft curls pulled back over one shoulder for date night or any special event. Add an embellishment like a hair accessory for an added blogger-worthy appeal! This is also a great way to experiment with color; Jeonghan has tried everything from blonde and red hues to blue!

8. Soft Curls with Straight Hair

Jeonghan was famous for his long locks when they first debuted as part of SEVENTEEN; his exquisite beauty made him stand out even among their rookie ranks. Now known for playing an active role within their ranks and boasting some incredible solo tracks himself, Jeonghan can be seen shining in any ensemble! He hears footsteps coming up the stairs and gives a small smile before offering you his hand in greeting, giving him your warm goodbye, all while gazing upon this lovely gentleman who can only make your jaw drop with their beauty.

9. Soft Curls with Black Roots

Soft curls are an effective way to add volume and texture to your locks. Achieve this look by creating a deep side part and pulling the heavier section over one shoulder – an ideal style to wear with one-shoulder tops! Jeonghan has plenty of opportunity for experimentation with her long hair’s color; try an ombre style or darker shades for dramatic effect.