Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles

Jake Gyllenhaal provides excellent hair and beard style inspiration for men looking to add class and a ruggedly masculine style. From his iconic Prisoners style, to quiffs and crew cuts – there’s something suitable for every taste here.

Iconic Prisoners Style

Jake Gyllenhaal made an unforgettable impression as Detective Loki in Prisoners by sporting an eye-catching undercut with his character, perfectly complementing his chiseled features and muscular physique.

Crew Cut

Jake Gyllenhaal carries this classic crew-cut haircut beautifully. It strikes the right balance between smart and sophisticated, adding some texture to the top for that carefree vibe. Additionally, this look pairs wonderfully with a beard or stubble!

How to Achieve the Crew Cut

This simple yet effective style works wonderfully on most people. Short lengths at the sides and back are combed forward into neat rows, while longer pieces are sliced back on top using some hair gel or pomade. This style is ideal for finer or thinner locks as it helps the hair stand out more without using too much product. Start by using our sea salt spray to volumize your locks before adding our text enhancer for a matte finish – great for work, events, and evenings out! This style can also work excellently as part of a classic bun!

Buzz Cut

Gyllenhaal’s buzz cut in Southpaw added to his character of boxer Billy Hope, featuring an extremely high fade on both sides and back with short top hair that could be styled either forward and back or slicked back using pomade.

Butch Cut

Gyllenhaal has also been seen with a butch cut, similar to a crew cut but with longer layers at the front and crown of his head.

Jake’s Trademark Formal Style

Jake Gyllenhaal has made waves with his trademark formal style: a crew cut with a low fade on both sides. This look works for men looking for more definition within their short haircut but wants something formal enough.

Long Hair

Jake Gyllenhaal often wears medium stubble to highlight his features and achieve an elegant yet casual aesthetic, offering a stylish alternative to full beards that works well when worn with low fades.

High Fade

Jake used this look while portraying Billy’s “The Great” Hope in Southpaw. This haircut consists of a high fade on the back and sides with approximately one-inch length left at the top, similar to military induction cuts; perfect for men looking to show off their cheekbones!

Slicked Back Style

Another excellent choice for men with long hair is a slicked-back style, an effortless hairdo that pairs nicely with formal attire such as suits. It can be easily achieved and either brushed straight back or styled into soft spikes for maximum impact. Wavy locks may be better suited to this look, but wax can help smooth things out too!

Short Hair

Jake Gyllenhaal is one of Hollywood’s most stunningly handsome actors, boasting rugged charm and acting severe prowess. From playing troubled teenager Donnie Darko to Prince of Persia prince Amir al Ghasem to detective in Prisoners and Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal excels at transformation.

Highlighting Natural Features

His short haircut highlights his natural features and pairs perfectly with his chiseled features and jawline. When playing boxer Billy “the Great” Hope in Southpaw, his harsher buzz cut added an edge that added an authentic look.

Achieving Detective Loki’s Look

To achieve an effect similar to Detective Loki from Prisoners, ask your barber for a high fade on the back and sides and a 2 or 3 on top. When styling, use medium to high hold water-based pomades such as Regal Gentleman.