Top 5 Images of Short Curly Hairstyles

Nothing screams chic like having your curls out and in full view. A messy finish with loose strands framing your face makes styling easy and fun! If you prefer something with more of a polished appearance, try opting for a curly pompadour style – classic yet chic – which works for all ages and is easy to manage. This look works wonders.

Layered Curls

Layers add texture, definition, and fullness, making any hairstyle appear fuller. They can help combat issues associated with curly hairstyles, like frizz in humid climates, bulkiness, and excessive volume. Ultimately, the length of layers you select depends on personal taste: long chin-length layers can frame the face for a sophisticated appearance, while shorter ones create an informal style that makes an impactful statement about you!

If you have a diamond- or square-shaped face, layers may appear bulky on these types of features and could alter their natural contours. On the other hand, for those with rounder or more oval features, layers can add depth and definition that enhance their natural features and enhance natural shapes.

Side Part

No matter whether your locks are naturally curly or wavy, this short style can quickly become your go-to look. A deep side part with twisted curls looks beautiful and makes an impressive statement at special events or occasions. Gently tease your strands for an undone, lived-in effect, or leave them air-dry for a sexy result!

Nothing says classy and stylish like an updo. Why not try this pixie cut with loose, wispy medium curls for something more relaxed yet chic? Add a bright headband for added effect; this style works in all seasons.

Faux Hawk

Curly hair adds texture and drama to any haircut, creating an eye-catching style. A faux hawk is ideal for men looking to show their unconventional side; short sides with longer top lengths make this style easier to manage and maintain.

This spiky faux hawk features a taper fade on its sides for a clean-cut appearance, perfect for pairing with beards to complete the look. Additionally, its blonde curls create an adorable image – great if you’re nervous to try full Mowhawk styling and want a taster instead!

High Fade

A high fade can effectively contrast curly hair because it creates an outline around the top and helps increase the thicker natural volume on top. Plus, styling this look couldn’t be simpler: use hair gel to slick back those strands for some added hold!

Low or high skin fades can work wonders with curly locks, offering many variations to explore. From subtle blends to more aggressive cuts, this style works beautifully when coupled with styles like a crew cut, comb over, or a quiff to add that masculine edge.

Low Fade

The low fade is the ideal style to complete curly locks. It creates a dramatic contrast between your short, curly hair and the shorter sides of the head for an eye-catching, clean, and stylish appearance. This style is an excellent solution for those with thicker coils. The low fade gives your hair structure and makes it easier to keep under control.

Curly hair is a naturally beautiful texture, which can be styled in many different ways to bring out its inherent texture and shape. From emphasizing its natural coils to smoothing back locks, there are endless styles and ways to style this type of texture. One timeless trend includes styling it in an old-school comb-over style featuring low fade fades, which draw attention to the top part of your locks while adding flair and flare to any overall look.

Curly Quiff

Opting for a curly quiff can add an unexpected twist to any pompadour style, making for an eye-catching alternative that works well across different events and occasions. When styling this way, use high-shine products for Ivy League style or matte products for something more contemporary and casual.

Add a classic look with sophisticated accessories, such as a headband or barrette, to add even more style and confidence when styling curly locks. Don’t forget to condition regularly so your locks stay hydrated and shinier!