Cute Images of Short Curly Hairstyles

There are countless cute, short, curly hairstyles if you have naturally curly locks. Ranging from classic bob cuts to shag cuts, there is sure to be one suitable for every occasion and occasion.

Ringlets for Elegant and Flirty Look

Ringlets make an elegant choice for this style, as they can range from classy and sophisticated to flirty and seductive. Furthermore, this look frames the face beautifully.

Pixie with Bangs for Volume and Color Experimentation

Pixie cuts with side bangs are an enjoyable way to add volume and frame your face, and experiment with light hair colors such as Carey Mulligan’s gorgeous red hue – this highlights her skin tone and eyes perfectly!

Taping Bangs to Soften Jawline

If your facial structure is round or square-shaped, consider taping your bangs to the side instead of wearing them across your forehead to soften the jawline and distract from any asymmetrical features that might otherwise draw too much attention.

Rihanna’s Edgy Pixie with Choppy Layers

Rihanna can easily pull off every style, but her edgy pixie with choppy layers is our favorite. It gives off a cool rocker aesthetic while exuding femininity; try this look to highlight your sensuous nature!

Pixie with Ringlets for Natural Curls

Pixie cuts with ringlets are an ideal way to highlight natural curls. This style works for both casual and formal events. To achieve the look, ask your stylist to create a layered pixie cut with lots of coils, then apply SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment as a leave-in treatment to add moisture and define your curls.

Swept Ringlets for Face Framing

Ringlets add an attractive and feminine element to short, curly hairstyles, especially when worn swept to one side for face-framing purposes. For something even more romantic or bolder, try asking your stylist for slightly shorter ringlets at the front for added drama and romance.

Stunning Wavy Pixie with Caramel Highlights

Create a stunning, glamorous look by styling a wavy pixie with caramel highlights for easy maintenance. Simply blow-dry upwards while using a styling wand to form loose waves.

Pixie with Side Undercut for Flair and Variety

A pixie with an undercut can add flair and variety to your look, whether smooth and sleek, textured and tousled, spiky and edgy, or any combination thereof. Pair this look with vibrant hues to make your hair even more feminine.

Curly Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs for Fresh Vibe

Whether your curls are long or moderately sized, a curly pixie with side-swept bangs can add a fresh and youthful vibe to your overall appearance.

Pixie with Long Layers for Depth and Contrast

Long layered pixie cuts are perfect for adding depth and creating contrast in their look, whether that means sleeking back the strands for a chic and feminine appearance or using a curling wand to make fuller waves with looser soft waves.

Asymmetrical Style with Longer Fringe

Grow your fringe longer and side sweep it for an asymmetrical style that works on women of any age or profession. Add color with a scarf or headband accessories for an eye-catching accent.

Pixie with Bouncy Curls for Volume and Playfulness

If your natural hair texture boasts lots of volume and bounce, consider opting for a charming curly pixie style. It is feminine yet flirty; creating this fun look requires only volumizing mousse and scrunching upward strands.

Bold and Vibrant Pixie Cut

If you want something bolder, opt for a super bright pixie cut with an eye-catching hair color like neon pink or day-glow orange. It will stand out and show off your playful side!

Short Curly Pixie with More Length in the Front

If your hair has lots of movement, ask your stylist for a short, curly pixie with more length in the front. This will enable you to use your favorite styling products to achieve an undone, tousled, and voluptuous style, perfect for casual or formal events.