Icy Blue Hair Trends

Ice-blue hair has overtaken the world since Lady Gaga first debuted it at the Golden Globes. Its timeless appeal can suit any haircut or length.

1. Embrace the Ombre

If you prefer something less intense when changing your locks’ color, consider opting for an ombre hairstyle. Also known as balayage or foilayage, this technique offers less harsh contrast than dip dyeing; it can be worn in multiple ways!

Classic ombre style involves dark roots fading to lighter mid-lengths and ends for an everlasting and versatile look, worn by celebrities such as Serena Williams and Natalie Portman. Christina Applegate has adopted the classic dark-to-light transition look, featuring dirty blonde roots paired with sunny blonde mid-lengths and ends. This bright look could pass as natural.

2. Go for a Short Bob

Short bobs can help thick hair be more manageable while adding volume and shine and give those wanting to experiment with blue locks a way of adding blue tones without going overboard.

Try something light blue like this one, or choose darker tones like this dark indigo one for added drama and an eye-catching frame around your face. By adding highlights to enhance its hue and draw the eye inward, this shade creates an effective contrast.

If you’re new to wearing a bob, consider trying unique styles such as oversized rope twist braids or fishtail styles to give it an original aesthetic. Choppy or layered chin-length bobs also work, adding dimension and balance.

3. Go for a Pull-through Braid

Pull-through braids are an effortless yet playful hairstyle perfect for icy blue locks, making the style the go-to choice among influential figures like TV producer Jenji Kohan and actress Tati Gabrielle. Influencers such as TV producer Jenji Kohan and Tati Gabrielle have shown it off on any length of their locks with fantastic results.

Try a side pull-through braid for an effortlessly chic boho festival flower child look with modern romance elements, or stack three buns into a snowman-inspired updo for holiday fun (follow Babes in Hairland’s tutorial to do it) as an updo-inspired holiday look (check out Babes in Hairland for help on how). Keep the style fresh by spraying TONI