How to Balayage Honey Golden Brown Hair

A hairstyle that is easy to maintain, but also adds dimension to honey brown locks, is balayage. Long tresses with soft curls and layers look gorgeous with a balayage ombre blend. In order to get the perfect honey golden brown hair, show your hairdresser the look you are going for, and the color will stay put without needing to be touched up. This article will give you tips for maintaining your new color and style.

Face-framing highlights add dimension to honey brown hair


The perfect way to give honey golden brown hair dimension is to add some face-framing highlights. These subtle highlights will give a honey blonde look a soft, feminine touch. Using a foiling technique, these highlights will add dimension to the hair while keeping the overall color palette soft and natural. Face-framing highlights on honey-golden brown hair will look especially pretty in the sun.


This colouring technique uses a brighter shade of hair colour near the hairline to give the illusion of framing the face and enhancing facial features. Whether it is applied with foils or hand-painted balayage, this hairstyle flatters all face shapes and hair types. Using a foil or hand-painted balayage, face-framing highlights are a fun, versatile way to update your hairstyle.

Lightening your natural color with balayage


Lightening your natural color with balaying is a beautiful option if you want to go from a dark brown to a honey golden shade. Its versatility makes it a great option for nearly everyone. The base shade of your hair should be close to your natural color. While lighter shades may require more maintenance, they are flattering on most skin tones. Whether you’re going for a new look or are changing your natural color, balayage will make the change look effortless and beautiful.


Because balayage doesn’t require saturating your entire head of hair with bleach, it is gentler on your hair. This method also uses less bleach than double-processed highlights, resulting in less damage to your hair. However, the warm color left after balayaging may require a toner. Depending on your hair’s condition, you may want to schedule frequent toners in between appointments.

Adding auburn accents without going all-over with color


Changing the tone of your natural color is a great way to add auburn accents to your honey golden brown hair without going all-over. Tone is the intensity of the base color. A warmer tone will produce a warmer result than a cooler one. The auburn color is a happy medium between red and brown shades. Adding auburn highlights to honey golden brown hair will give it a rich, sultry look.


A medium auburn hair color will make you look stylish. A hairstyle with red streaks can add a vibrant pop of color to your locks. You can also opt for a deeper auburn color with more red highlights. The result is a multidimensional look. While this hair color will make you stand out from the crowd, keep in mind that it can also look great with pale skin.

Maintaining honey brown hair


If you love the look of honey golden brown hair but are worried that your hair will become brassy, there are some tips to keep your hair color looking gorgeous. Honey brown hair is a low-maintenance color, but it does require special care and products to keep it looking great. If you’re thinking about trying this look at home, you should start by using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner like Biolage R.A.W Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner. This color-safe system contains coconut milk and meadowfoam, which help to protect the hair color while also providing a natural softness.


Another good way to maintain honey golden brown hair is to use highlights. These highlights are applied to strands of hair that frame your face. These highlights will brighten your complexion without overdoing it. If you are wearing your hair up, you can also use highlights to give your hair a softer look. This shade also looks great on curly hair. You can also add highlights to your hair to make it look more voluminous.