Honey Golden Brown Hair

Honey’s golden brown hair color will add depth and vibrancy to any wardrobe, making you the center of attention in any setting. Perfect for warm skin tones, honey golden brown will bring out all the best features in you and bring out your natural beauty. Model Josephine Skriver shows how stunning this shade can look with her gorgeous bronze brown balayage and face-framing highlights, perfectly blended into her light brown base and emphasizing her lovely blue eyes.


Babylight highlights are an effective way to achieve natural-looking sun-kissed highlights that brighten the complexion, adding an effortless sun-kissed radiance that brightens and lightens any complexion. This technique uses thin, subtle highlights painted to appear diffused and blended for maximum effect – it looks lovely on blonde and brunette hair. Still, it is incredibly flattering for people with darker skin tones, as it helps their face appear healthier and brighter!

Chunky highlights were once all the rage, but nowadays, soft ombre hairstyles such as balayage or balayage are the trendier look. Instead of applying evenly spaced highlights, stagger them for a more natural-looking result. Josephine Skriver is one of our favorite celebrities who wears this vibrant, warm brown-to-golden copper shade that perfectly complements her deep chestnut brown base color. Furthermore, Josephine wears her locks loose and tousled beachy waves, enhancing its beauty even further.


If you’re a brunette who wants the look of honey blonde highlights without too light-shaded strands, try asking your colorist for an all-over ombre style. They can tan your locks to achieve a seamless transition or mix in warm browns and reddish shades to complement your skin tone. DIY coloring enthusiasts may use demi-permanent Koleston Perfect shades like 9/01 Rich Radiance or 9/7 Golden Blonde to achieve this style. Jennifer Lopez and model Josephine Skriver demonstrate the versatility of honey brown hairstyles with long waves to short bobs. It suits both fair and medium skin tones beautifully. To minimize upkeep costs, switch to sulfate-free shampoo specifically tailored for color-treated locks, moisturize with a rich conditioner, and utilize heat protectant spray. These preventive steps may extend the lifespan of your color treatment!


Balayage is a low-maintenance hair coloring technique that results in a natural-looking color transition. This technique is ideal for those who wish to add subtle honey highlights to their blonde or brown locks. To do it successfully, high-quality, color-safe products should be purchased to preserve color saturation and limit pigment loss. Balayage in light golden brown shades is an incredibly versatile style and complements most skin tones beautifully. Try pairing it with box or goddess braids for an eye-catching and beautiful look, or go curly to achieve gorgeous results like voluminous blowouts and beachy waves.

Honey balayage highlights can add warmth and dimension to an ashy-light brown hair color by creating honeycomb patterns on its surface. Be careful; overdoing it with lighter hues could result in brassier results. Silverman suggests using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioning treatments to preserve their shade.


Dark honey brown hair color offers an opportunity for creating light and beautiful highlights without bleaching damage to the locks. This shade works for women of all ages and can add brightness or depth without bleaching their locks out completely. Highlights provide the opportunity for lightness without damaging tresses through bleach.

Are You Wanting Beautiful Highlights or Subtle Highlighting Techniques Like Balayage or Babylights?

Full head highlights can be applied for a truly striking look or something more natural looking and effortless; you could try techniques such as Balayage or Babylights highlighting practices. The latter option may suit those seeking low-maintenance styling solutions like these two techniques.

Choose highlight and base colors according to your skin tone. For fair/light skin tones, go for a pale honey highlight that features mostly golden undertones without red hues. At the same time, medium-skinned individuals could try pairing their coppery highlight color with their dark honey-brown base hues for optimal results.