Honey Blonde Hair Highlights For Tan Skin

If your clients can’t decide between blonde and brown hair color options, try suggesting golden honey. This warm hue features a beautiful coppery sheen with face-framing highlights for an eye-catching appearance.

This ashy blonde with caramel highlights is ideal for blue and hazel eyes, providing minimal maintenance requirements on darker natural hair colors.

Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, any warm blonde shade can bring out their beauty; however, be mindful to opt for one light enough not to wash out your skin tone thoroughly. A golden honey shade has subtle warmth, drawing out reddish undertones in your complexion and bringing them forward.

If the thought of going lighter than your natural hair color is too daunting for you to handle, ask your stylist to create a balayage that blends dark roots with golden brown honey hues for an inconspicuous transition from dark to light and as an excellent alternative to highlights.

Opting for darker honey-blonde shades to achieve an ombre effect will create a more mature and polished appearance without being too stark. Darker blonde hues will also complement brown eyes by drawing out any gold dots within them, while side parts with peekaboo bangs create a striking look suitable for any event.

Reddish Brown

Whether it be high contrast balayage or subtle ombre highlights, honey blonde highlights can enhance any complexion. Warm golden tones such as strawberry and butter blonde look stunning against yellow undertones, while reddish-brown hues suit darker skin tones with red undertones beautifully.

If you’re intimidated by an all-over honey blonde shade, try opting for a dark roots-light ends color technique instead. This allows for touchups every four weeks without making a permanent commitment to hair color change.

Add golden tones to your dark brown hair for an irresistibly summery sun-kissed look. Light strawberry and golden blonde tones work exceptionally well on olive skin tones when worn with tan freckles, making this shade highly recommended. While this shade works for most hair lengths, wavy strawberry blonde locks are sure to stand out on shorter haircuts – for maximum impact, try highlighting face-framing strands for extra drama or using partial honey blonde highlights to complement their natural dark hue!

Sandy Blonde

Sandy blonde hair can be the ideal shade for people with warm complexions. Sandy offers an in-between option for people with friendly faces, not as light as butter blonde but not as warm as caramel blonde.

Beyonce and Gigi Hadid sport this look, featuring golden brown lowlights with toasted yellow highlights for an all-over glow that complements warm and cool skin tones. This natural shade brings out your complexion’s radiance.

Make your honey-blonde hair stand out with the sun by asking your stylist to add a gold-tinted glaze to the roots and mid-lengths, which provides a long-term and subtle alternative to highlights without using peroxide and ammonia. Or add more subtle dimension with light brown or beige highlights – these will blend seamlessly into the natural base color for seamless results that won’t require full head coloring commitment!

Ash Blonde

Ash-blonde falls on the more fantastic end of the spectrum, complementing cooler skin tones beautifully. This shade can range from airy sophistication to deep and smoky depending on personal taste and complexion tone; try an ash blonde ombre instead if desired if going darker. Working with an experienced colorist is vital when trying something like this!

If you have a very dark base or thin or fragile strands, this cool shade could be too much to handle on your own and require successive bleaching sessions that can be damaging. Consulting a colorist or stylist is the best way to determine what shade fits your skin tone and hair texture best. At the same time, natural blondes may find help from their stylist in reaching their ideal ash blonde shade – which could include adding warm tones that balance their icy cool shade against their natural state and illuminate their faces more fully.