Highlights, Balayage, and Ombre

Highlights add contrast and lighten facial features, while balayage and ombre are highlight techniques that create a gradient effect on your hair.


– Highlights can transform your hair without a complete color overhaul.

– They add a soft, sun-kissed contrast to your base hue.

– Different highlights techniques use bleach to achieve the desired effect.


– Balayage is a technique where lighter pigments are hand-painted onto each strand of hair for a sun-kissed beach look.

– It creates less obvious stripes of dyed areas compared to traditional highlights.

– Balayage allows your natural colors to blend naturally as your hair grows.

– It requires less maintenance and reduces damage compared to traditional highlights.


– Ombre is a highlighting technique that creates a gradient effect from darker roots to lighter ends.

– It works well on shorter hair and adds volume and dimension.

– Ombre requires multiple salon visits and may not be suitable for already dark or damaged hair.

Other Techniques:

– Sombre styles are less dramatic versions of ombre, starting with less dark color at the roots.

– Babylights are subtle, more minor highlights that mimic natural ones in children’s hair.

– Babylights require less maintenance and quickly add dimension while waiting for balayage or ombre to grow out.


– Balayage is less noticeable than ombre, which involves hand-painting color onto each section.

– Balayage requires less upkeep and is better for your hair as it doesn’t rely on foils.

– Ombre can be more dramatic and requires multiple salon visits to achieve desired results.