Highlights For Brown hair in 2019

If you have dark brown hair, caramel highlights are the perfect solution. The warm tone brings out the natural red undertones in that, while the lighter blonde pieces lighten your overall look. The combination of brown and caramel is both elegant and sophisticated, and is a great way to add a touch of color to your tresses without going too far. Adding these touches will add a subtle yet dramatic change to your look, but without a drastic makeover.


In 2019, highlights for brown hair are hot and popular! There are a ton of different shades and textures you can add to that, making the possibilities endless. Choose from light, medium, or dark shades to create a unique look. The following tips are for light and medium skin types. Make sure to check out your coloring to see what shades will work best for you. And keep in mind that these highlights don’t necessarily have to be bright, too.

Highlights For Brown hair


There are many ways to add highlights to brown hair. You can select copper, ash, toffee, or even platinum if you have dark brown hair. If you have light or medium skin, choose caramel or toffee shades of highlights. If you have fair skin, use platinum or golden highlights. If you have light brown hair, choose a darker shade of brown. The best way to achieve a rich-looking color is to highlight it with a lighter shade of the same hue.