Highlights For Brown Hair

Highlights for brown hair can help bring out your most stunning side. From copper highlights to caramel and red hues, here are our favorite ways to give dark locks dimension and shine.

Cool-toned balayage creates a delicate yet natural-looking result in this look, pairing beautifully with sleek pixie cuts and loose curls for an irresistibly charming appearance.

Copper Brown

Copper hair highlights can be difficult to achieve on dark locks, but they look fantastic. Ask your stylist to create an ombre effect using copper-toned tones that perfectly complement your locks’ brown base color for this stunning shade.

If you’re a blonde looking to transition to redheads but aren’t quite ready for platinum, a coppery brown shade might just be what’s needed to test out redheadedness without becoming overwhelmed by change. With less icy tones than platinum and enough warmth to give that sun-kissed vibrancy you crave without drying you out, coppery brown can provide the vibrant warmth you seek without washing you out thoroughly.

If you prefer something subtler, opt for minimal light brown highlight streaks that frame your face and contrast beautifully against a rich chocolate base. This sophisticated style looks fantastic whether your hair is worn up or down!


Mahogany, which sits between brown and red hues, makes a fantastic option for brunettes who wish to lighten their locks without going blonde. This warm hue adds dimension and warmth to a dark base color and looks incredibly gorgeous on brunettes with medium complexions, such as actress Raquel Welch.

For a more accessible take on the mahogany hair trend, opt for a brown-on-brown highlight featuring warm and cool hues in your mane – this will produce a natural yet sophisticated style that works well with any layered haircut!

Create an eye-catching mahogany look with the balayage technique by blending a darker chocolate brown base color with lighter caramel highlights. This look looks especially lovely when added strands frame your face when styling any bob hairstyle.


Warm tones such as orange and golden hues make a warm-toned shade an ideal complement for brown hair with golden or peach undertones, but aren’t ready to commit fully to highlights yet. Instead, try opting for a cool-toned balayage that fades to an ashy color; blue’s opposite on the color wheel means it can neutralize any undesirable warm tones in your brown locks.

If you’re after an understated and natural-looking highlight, try milk chocolate. When expertly applied and blended with your skin tone and complexion, these beautiful milk chocolate highlights look stunning – they make an excellent statement piece at brunch with friends or the office!

If you want to add depth and contrast to your hazelnut shade, caramel balayage or color melt is an effective technique for adding dimension! This approach uses warm brown shadows and blonde highlights for an eye-catching blend that makes an impressionful statement about who you are.


Women with medium or light brown hair can use caramel blonde shades to spice up their natural tones and achieve an effortlessly beachy style. Donning this trendy hair color adds cute, three-dimensional effects, extra volume, and exciting dimensions that look appealing while emphasizing beautiful facial features.

This indulgent shade looks more natural on dark brown hair than hazelnut and can complement all skin tones. Additionally, it makes an ideal solution for brunettes who wish to lighten up without bleaching their entire head.

Priyanka Chopra’s caramel and auburn balayage is the ideal autumn highlight shade for any brown hair color, framing her face beautifully while emphasizing her radiant complexion. Achieving this stunning look requires some expertise but is easy to recreate at home.


Highlights may be more associated with blonde locks, but they can make brunettes just as beautiful! From classic foiling to balayage highlights, various methods of highlighting dark brown hair will bring out its shine and make it stand out.

Are you searching for an exciting way to wear color? Consider adding blue or purple highlights! They work wonderfully when worn against olive skin tones and pair perfectly with hazel or blue-green eyes.

Lighten your brown locks for a fun and playful look by adding pastel pink and purple highlights – they will add an eye-catching pop of brightness without the need to lighten all your locks (which would require extensive bleaching beforehand). This balayage combines dusty mauve, purple, and soft shell pink for the ultimate girly style!