Hidden Rainbow Hair Trends

Hidden rainbows are ideal for trying the popular rainbow hair trend without going all-in on it full-time. By showing off vibrant strands beneath a layer of blonde that can easily be concealed when necessary, hidden rainbows offer the ideal way to showcase vibrant hues without risking their professional image being compromised. Not Another Salon from London first popularized this trend when they shared pictures on Instagram of its stunning color combination that recalls Snapchat filters but with real-life results.

1. Brown-to-Bright

If you want a My Little Pony-esque look without fully committing to a rainbow-inspired hue, consider this brown-to-bright hair color combination instead. It features a natural blonde base with hot pink, yellow, and orange streaks, perfect for those who don’t want to go all out! Rainbow grunge hair offers another exciting, more mature approach to colorful trends. Intended to resemble gemstone holograms in your mane, this hue makes an impression statement about you that works well for rock stars and fashionistas alike. Darker rainbow hair has recently seen an upswing, as this stunning combination of shades continues to attract people’s attention. From strawberry red and magenta hues, to dusty blue and purple varieties – this bold look will turn heads and leave people talking!

2. Dark-to-Bright

Dark rainbow hair can make an eye-catching statement about who you are. If you want to show off your wild side while being bold enough to step outside the norms with trendy color trends like this one, dark rainbow locks will stand out. For a subtler take on the dark rainbow hair trend, try mixing soft hues of pink and purple into your strands for an eye-catching pastel rainbow effect. It’s the ideal way to experiment with this style without going full Lisa Frank or risking being called in from HR at work – plus, it elevates everyday looks for special events.

3. Pastel-to-Bright

Trying out full rainbow hair may seem too ’90s for your taste; why not try this more subtle and office-appropriate version instead? Created by London Salon Not Another Salon, the hidden rainbow look uses underlighting to add vivid hues underneath your natural dark locks – creating the look of wearing an Instagram or Snapchat filter! When worn as half updos or French plaits. This pastel rainbow ombre looks irresistibly sweet, featuring pastel baby blue and soft yellow tones that blend seamlessly with your skin tone for an irresistibly romantic aesthetic that would win over any My Little Pony fan!

5. Copper-to-Brown

Phoenix hair, the trend which took over Instagram last year and became an instantaneous success story, offers a fun way to experience Manic Panic without bleaching all of your locks. Focus the harlequin strands into one section to conceal them beneath layers of brown or another regular hue. Golden suggests using a demi-permanent dye that’s only one or two shades darker than your natural hue for best results and to ensure a seamless fade.

6. Pastel-to-Brown

If Lisa Frank-inspired rainbow hair is too extreme or your workplace frowns upon it, there is a discreet way to embrace this trend: layer blonde to cover up harlequin strands and show them off subtly. This girl’s pastel rainbow ombre is exquisite and looks perfectly with curls. To recreate her style, start with platinum or ash brown hair and add pastel tones like baby blue and soft yellow pastels for the best effect. Use this style to add dimension and dimension to copper-colored hair. Just be sure to use color-safe bleach and avoid mixing colors – mixing blue with yellow-blonde would result in green-toned strands!