6 Manly Hairstyles For Men That Will Give You a Stylish and Serious Look

Men’s hair is one of the most noticeable parts of their appearance. It helps define his face shape and make him appear attractive; thus,, a stunning haircut should be paramount for every male.

1. High Fade

This stunning high fade shows how powerful a simple haircut can be to create gorgeous looks. The short-faded sides contrast dramatically against the spiky texture and neatly trimmed beard on top.

A high fade is typically associated with starting at the parietal ridge and exposes more skin than medium or low fades. For added effect, temple fades or burst fades can be added for extra emphasis.

To achieve a high fade, your barber should start with one-inch sections and work towards your desired length with styling scissors – an easier way to achieve this look!

2. Side Part

A classic side part, like Don Draper wore in Mad Men, is a timeless style that compliments most facial structures and requires only minimal upkeep. A deep side part can be worn casually or dressed up for formal events, providing an elegant appearance.

Start by combing through your freshly blow-dried hair to identify its natural part line (called your cowlick). A left-sided side part looks best for those with clockwise cowlicks, while vice versa.

3. Short Crop

The comb-up is an excellent style for men looking to add texture without taking the time or commitment necessary to grow out longer hair. This modern take on classic fade involves keeping hair short at the back and sides while adding length on top for an undone, messy finish.

This haircut works on most hair types and textures but is especially recommended for thicker locks, providing the choppy layers to frame your solid features and give a sophisticated appearance.

Rub a small amount of matte clay or paste through your locks using your fingertips before allowing the rest of the waves to fall naturally into place.

4. High Fade with Highlights

The high fade haircut is an elegant and contemporary choice for men who desire an edgy and modern style. This tapered haircut begins higher up on the head than its counterparts, leaving plenty of hair for styling.

An effective high fade requires an eye-catching style on top, which this gentleman demonstrates with his pulled forward and scrunched-up comb over, creating an eye-catching texture to complement its high contrast of a fade.

5. Low Maintenance Fade

Low-fade haircuts will create the illusion of fuller locks while still looking clean and professional. Choose between a burst fade with mullet for more contrast or a classic taper cut to complete the look.

An easy-to-style haircut involves getting a skin fade that starts around your ears and gradually increases to about half an inch at the crown of your head, and then adding some hair pomade to create a textured quiff with longer strands.

6. Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut is a unique style for men that features short sides with longer hair on top, creating an eye-catching contrast that stands out in any crowd. A tricky part or fade can elevate this cut for an eye-catching finish that stands out.

This modern haircut is perfect for men who want to create an edgy yet stylish appearance. To give this style more sophistication, request that your stylist add tapered or block necklines as part of the styling. Additionally, use light styling products with texture-building capabilities to give strands some texture for an effortlessly stylish finish.

7. High Fade with Side Part

A high fade, commonly known as a skin fade, is one of the boldest and cleanest men’s haircuts available today. Perfect for those who wish to keep their hair short yet look stylish at once, a high fade provides bold style without compromising practicality.

An eye-catching combination is created when pairing a razor-sharp high fade with straight, short top hair that has been side-brushed and teased-up up. An excellent contrast creates this unique and eye-catching combination. It also emphasizes you’re teased-up full style.

To achieve this look, ask your barber to create a zero fade on the sides and nape before gradually increasing the length towards the crown area. Leave several front strands longer to create a spiky texture.