Halsey, the Biracial Pop Singer, Shows Off Her Natural Hair

Halsey, who is biracial, recently shared an image with her natural hair that was met with backlash from critics and trolls, but Halsey responded gracefully.

Singer, 23, has made headlines for her extensive range of looks over time – pixie cut to teal-, red- and pink-hued wigs have all left an impactful mark on our eyes!

Halsey is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter from New Jersey. She confidently shows off her natural hair, shutting down internet trolls who suggest that it may be faked by wearing extensions. Her long, dark locks give her an unmistakably unique style and look.

Halsey is an openly bicultural woman. Her parents hail from Africa, while her mother has Italian and Hungarian roots. She has always been outspoken about her racial identity and has criticized hotels that only provide shampoo suitable for white hair textures.

Halsey is dating Evan Peters, whom she met through a sleepaway camp. She maintains close ties to Lily. Halsey is an outspoken musician with strong opinions about society and is not afraid to express them freely via social media. She has made rousing speeches at protest events, such as Women’s March protests, and has released several hits.

Halsey is an iconic public figure who attracts a broad following. It often garners inquiries regarding her race and heritage. Some may find it surprising that she is biracial, but for others, it is no surprise. Let’s look at her background to understand more about her racial identity.

Halsey has made no secret of her biracial heritage. Recently featured in Playboy’s new music issue, she discussed her experiences as a biracial woman and the difficulties presented by her relationship with both parents and growing up within their home.

Halsey isn’t shy to showcase her natural hair texture and has responded quickly to online trolls who accuse her of wearing a wig or cultural appropriation. Her unique identity, stemming from her African American and Irish, Hungarian, and Italian descent, has shaped both her musical career and her understanding of the challenges that black women in America face.

Halsey is well-known as an aesthetic trendsetter, not afraid to experiment with her look and try new styles. From teal bobs to dramatic extensions, she has explored many faces over the years. She recently showcased beautiful voluminous curls and received praise and criticism for it.

Critics accused Halsey of cultural appropriation and wearing a wig. However, Halsey did not let it affect her and responded positively to each accusation, stating that her hair texture reflects her biracial identity. She has also been vocal about inclusivity issues, criticizing hotels for not providing hair products suitable for people of color.