Cute and Easy Halloween Hair Ideas

As Halloween nears, spooky hair looks are increasingly fashionable. From channeling Coraline or Tim Burton Corpse Bride to conducting Joker from Phineas and Cosmo or anime Princess, you can try many cute and easy Halloween hair ideas this season!

Are you looking to make an impressionful statement this year? Go bold with color! Experimenting with various hues on the YouCam Makeup app is easy.

Bubble Braids

Looking for a cute Halloween hairstyle that goes with your costume or stands alone? Bubble braids are an excellent choice. Start with a low ponytail secured with a hair tie, then wrap hair elastics down each section to form one to two-inch bubble sections.

Pink is a timeless feminine color associated with romance and female energy, making it the ideal shade to pair with bubble braids for an effortless yet creative style. Select clear elastics for an understated style, or add some vibrancy with bright or saturated-colored elastics for a fun pop of color!

This half-up style features two space buns and some intricate bubble braids to give an outer space feel. Add an extra eerie touch by wearing a black spider headband!

Flower Crown and Romantic Waves

Make an impressionful statement this Halloween with this stylish half-up, half-down hairstyle, perfect for any princess costume. Add an elaborate accessory such as a floral crown, using a wire measurer to measure where you would like your crown placed, then cover its base with colorful blooms to build it from.

Try this Marie Antoinette style instead if a high-volume ponytail worthy of Ariana Grande doesn’t seem possible. It requires a teasing comb and some bobby pins to achieve this look.

Orange hair has become one of the trendiest trends this year, making a striking Halloween color choice. If coloring your locks seems daunting, black and orange color spray or wig can provide an effective solution.

Black and Orange Braids

Create an eye-catching style with orange and black braids by wearing a half ponytail with orange KK Jumbo Braid D13 Rich Auburn, Burnt Orange, and Hyacinth braids on either side, combined with Festival Braid Rustic Pink Copper Rustic Red Burnt Orange braids on either side for this unforgettable style.

Could you add a pop of purple? Crisscross braids are the ideal blend of bright and bold! For dark-skinned women looking for something bolder, deep blue Fulani knots (sometimes known as Bantu knots) feature triangular section partings like those seen worn by Rihanna, Lauren Hill, and Uzo Aduba from Orange Is the New Black). Try this elegant style that is sure to turn heads!

1920s Finger Waves

Finger waves were one of the trendiest fashion looks during the Roaring Twenties and have made a significant comeback this year. Reminiscent of Josephine Baker, Odile Gilbert, and Kiki de Montparnasse flappers, this style exudes glamour and daring sophistication.

Finger waves differ from Marcel waves by being handmade on gel-dampened hair using your fingertips and a fine-tooth comb, requiring much time and skill. Creating finger waves was once part of a test to become a professional stylist!

Maintaining a finger wave set requires using the right lineup of hairstyling products and applying each step with precision and care. Laurent likens mastering a practical location to creating sculpture – it should be treated as a labor of love!

Space Buns

Space buns make for an elegant yet eye-catching style – often worn by influencers such as Tracee Ellis Ross and Lizzo — making this pinup style ideal for Halloween costumes that evoke vintage glamour.

Create an accessible version of this hairstyle using a rattail comb, thin elastics, and decorative hairpins or bobby pins to embellish your style.

There is no need for full hair color appointments when creating this haunted-sweet style! Temporary coloring sprays like Ben Nye’s White Out can give your locks that haunted-sweet vibe with its semi-permanent white hue, perfect for creating Bride of Frankenstein-esque streaks and giving any regular style an eerie edge.