5 Design Ideas Using a Half Wig

If you’ve seen the TV show “American Idol” you might have seen half wigs. There are a number of different half wigs being used in the “Idol” shows. Are they really useful for everyday use, or are they strictly for the show? The truth is, if you’re considering getting a fake, full wig to use on stage, half wigs may not be the best choice. But if you simply want to change your design a bit and have some fun, half wigs might be just the thing for you. Here are some design ideas using a fake half wigs:

Definition: Half-wigs (aka “half head wig”, “half cap” or “half-hair wig”) is a non-tied, cosmetic hair extension whose size is usually in between an eighth and a half inch. It’s a very attractive wig that only just covers half of your head. With a half wigs the hair remains exposed. The advantage of a half-wigs is that you can change its style anytime you want. This gives a much better freedom when you are playing with your styles.

Beautiful Styles – Half Wigs

For those looking for beautiful styles for Halloween or any time of year, a half Hair-extension is what you need. This quick and easy style is one of many reasons that wigs have become so popular over the years. But which half Hair-extensions are the most popular?