Blue Anime Model – Half Fade Style

A half fade haircut starts about half way up the head, and is usually just above eyebrow level. They frame the eyes well, and are a great option if you have a longer hair type. A half fade is a very simple cut to maintain. Here are some tips for getting the perfect half fade. First, get a trim. Next, get clippers. Make sure to use one with a short blade and the other with a long blade.

A half fade is a trendy style that starts halfway up the head, usually just above the eyebrows. It can frame the eyes nicely and is a great choice for people with longer hair. A half fade starts somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of the way up the head, and is a very versatile style. It can also be trimmed higher for longer hair. It is recommended to get a half fade as a first haircut if you do not have much experience with cutting hair.