Hairstyles With Fake Hair

Hairstyles that incorporate faux hair are great ways to protect the natural texture of your locks during the cold months of winter, providing a low-maintenance style that looks fantastic when accessorized with braid rings or other hair accessories.

Marley Twists

Marley twists are another two-strand style similar to Havana and Senegalese twists, usually created using soft synthetic hair such as Kanekelon.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are an attractive yet functional hairstyle. Easy to do and requiring little upkeep, Bantu knots require only wearing a silk bonnet or scarf when sleeping and moisturizing with scalp oil once every couple weeks for best results.

To create an elegant Bantu knot hairstyle:

– Section your hair using a rattail comb on freshly cleansed and conditioned locks.

– Twist each section and wrap it around itself like springs or figure eights.

– Different results may occur depending on your hair texture – shorter locks produce looser coils while thicker locks can form tighter figure eights or snake-like waves.

– Enhance the look by adding jewelry or colors as desired.

Wrapped Up

If you want to test out bangs but are still determining if they suit you, this style provides an easy way to experiment without cutting your locks off. Pull up your hair into a high ponytail, twist and wrap the base to create fake bangs, then finish by adding any finishing touches as desired.

If your bun appears flat, adding a headband or another accessory may give it some added oomph. A spray of hairspray may also help maintain its style.

Mini Twists

Mini twists may be the ideal protective style to add length to your hair without damaging its quality, as they’re relatively straightforward and can be created in various types – making them suitable for even those with curly textures!

To maintain healthy twists:

– Mist them with water throughout the day.

– Use a moisturizing product every 1-2 nights.

Front Bun

This variation on the classic top bun style looks sophisticated and polished on straight hair yet casually cool on thin strands.

To achieve this style:

– Use foam donuts or wavy grips to mark out a horizontal parting across your forehead.

– Gather the top section into a coiled bun on your hairline and secure it with an elasticated band for additional texture.

– Thicker strands make this style easier for those with thicker locks by using hair pins near the face for added polish.

– Add some drama with glittery or metallic coils for an eye-catching finish.

– Spray hairspray over your finished bun to keep it in place.

– Pull forward some strands to frame your face and leave loose locks dangling loose for an effortless finish; perfect for showing off signature facial features with a feminine flair!