Hairstyles That Suit Round Faces

Hairstyles that feature layers are ideal for round faces. Pixie cuts that keep their textured and voluminous nature can work exceptionally well when parted to one side.

Longer layered styles can also be highly flattering when designed to frame the face with multiple face-framing layers, as seen here by Octavia Spencer, with center parts and heavy framing around her cheekbones that highlight her face shape attractively.

Asymmetrical lob

An asymmetrical lob is the perfect way to elevate the classic bob hairstyle. The extended cut’s unique asymmetry helps flatter and balance round or heart-shaped faces, while full bangs from singer Rihanna add even more impact, or keep things simple with straight styles that frame the top of the face.

Asymmetrical lob hairstyles can be particularly flattering on round faces as they visually cut across at an angular rather than straight angle, creating the illusion of slimming down rounder features such as Rose Byrne’s. Rose paired hers with a deep side part which highlighted her eyes further.

Add subtle movement and lengthen your face by adding face-framing waves and highlights to your asymmetrical lob. This slight movement will elongate your features, drawing attention away from softer jawlines, and attracting more focus to the eyes. This looks especially great on medium-length asymmetrical lobs that skim the shoulders.

Long waves

Long waves are an easy way to add volume to any hairstyle, adding height and lengthening the face. They are especially great if your thick locks do not hold curls well – for this look, wavy cappuccino blends can help.

If you want to avoid spending the time blowing out your hair, try opting for a textured lob with side parting instead. This style will frame your face beautifully while hiding any softness of a round jawline – an elegant and timeless style suitable for any special event or formal gathering.

Women with round faces can benefit from opting for a layered shag haircut. The length of its layers will elongate your facial features while simultaneously softening their broader aspect. It works beautifully whether or not bangs are present, while Bantu knots offer another protective style option suitable for afro-textured locks.

Face-framing waves and highlights

Hairstyles that work for round faces can help soften their features while framing them beautifully. Choppy layers add edge while remaining effortless. A wolf haircut that falls around the face works exceptionally well and works as both an everyday style and a formal one – its fabulous ’90s vibe makes this choice work on both thick and fine hair types!

Opt for a center or side part that elongates your look if you have medium-length hair. Add face-framing waves to your locks and complete your style with vivid splashes of color spritzes; bangs like those seen on Priyanka Chopra or Kate Upton could also work wonders on your facial structure.

Ask your stylist to create face-framing layers around the chin if you have long hair. Add some angled or slanted bangs for added slimming power that makes your forehead appear narrower while lengthening and narrowing your face shape.

Side undercut

Side undercuts can be one of the most flattering styles for round faces, as they feature high fade sides with longer face-framing fringe. They’re particularly suitable for formal events if some wavy tendrils frame your face beautifully.

Medium-length hair makes a wolf haircut an excellent way to balance rounder facial features. Choppy layers add movement and texture, creating volume in your locks – this style works for any length or texture of hair but looks particularly striking at medium size with either middle or side partings.

If you prefer something shorter, a collarbone bob is a flattering style for round faces. Paired with angled bangs to narrow and lengthen your face shape, this hairstyle makes for a chic style without too much upkeep! This hairstyle makes the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to look stylish without spending hours styling their locks!