Hairstyles For Thick Straight Hair

If your thick, straight hair feels lifeless and uninspiring, try a sleek bob with long face-framing layers for an innovative and beautiful solution. Layered haircuts help to lighten its natural weight and volume while letting its beautiful luster come through.

Shoulder-length wavy layers look stunning when styled with a low taper fade and subtle balayage highlights for added vibrancy. You can play up the texture further by incorporating subtle balayage highlights for a more significant impact.

Messy Bob

One of the best styles for thick, straight hair is a messy bob, featuring lots of texture. Choose between classic and wavy styles – either will work wonderfully for casual occasions. Furthermore, play around with colors to give your style even more personality!

For instance, wear a pink bob with a blue hue for a lovely and feminine look. Additionally, adding a dark shadow on the roots would give an exciting edge.

A short, messy bob with bangs is an on-trend and chic hairstyle suitable for any age group, especially women seeking to stand out. Try a curly, messy bob for added volume and glamour. Choppy layers create an edge, making this choice particularly suitable for those wanting to stand out.


The shag is an adaptable haircut suitable for many different hair textures and lengths. Made famous in the 1970s by Joan Jett and Rod Stewart, it became widely beloved in the 90s thanks to Jennifer Aniston, who made it look famous through Friends.

Work closely with your stylist to select a hairstyle that complements your facial structure and texture. Oval-faced individuals may benefit from pairing a center part with classic full fringe or side bangs to balance out features, while rounder faces should look towards soft layers to soften features.

If you have fine hair, consider an asymmetrical shag with long, choppy layers to minimize bulk and make styling your haircut easier each morning. Similarly, thick or coarse locks may benefit from this approach, too, giving them an easily maintained layered style.

Razor-Cut Ends

Razor-cut ends add an eye-catching rock-and-roll vibe to any long hairstyle. Keep your strands shorter at the back before gradually lengthening towards the front for an aesthetically pleasing style that works particularly well on thick, straight locks.

This style updates the feathered bob trend, adding dimension and softness to your locks while simultaneously adding dimension. Pair it with a sparse fringe for an eye-catching, modern look that works for any face shape.

This style is an easy and stylish way to add texture and volume to a long layered bob, suitable for any hair type. Add highlights for added glow – this look makes a sleek yet sophisticated statement while being easy to maintain!

Side-Swept Bangs

Long-side bangs are an elegant and quick way to elevate a sleek, straight, short hairstyle. According to Tavakoli, adding one can help reshape the face by creating a proportional balance. When styling this look, she advises using hair smoothing creams to reduce frizz and shine spray for an irresistibly glossy finish.

Dark auburn mid-length shag with edgy side bangs adds movement and helps frame her face beautifully. Consider trying out a textured, layered bob with choppy bangs for longer hair to add movement and create a fresh, modern style. It works exceptionally well on thicker locks as the weight distribution makes your locks lighter while the bangs draw attention away from them and draw the eye.

Chunky Layers

Texturing medium-length hair can help break up the bulkiness of thick, straight strands. This style features chunky layers that create movement and volume in mid-lengths. If you have consecutive bangs, side-swept styling may add feminine charm and frame your face beautifully for an eye-catching finish.

Layers can make long, straight hair much simpler to manage and keep looking its best. Layers make maintaining its style simpler by lightening up its appearance and making maintenance simpler.

This cute, natural layered look pairs well with dark to light coloring and is long-term as its layers will continue to shed over time. Combine it with a sleek middle part for an effortlessly classic feminine appearance that works beautifully with any outfit – ideal for those with naturally curly or wavy locks, as it enhances rather than masks their beauty!