Top 5 Hairstyles For Curly Hair

If you think having curly hair limits your styling options, think again. Curly styles can be just as versatile as their straight and wavy counterparts, from perfect polish and sleek finishes to natural, unruly tones. Here are the top 5 hairstyles for curly hair:

Layered Bob with Balayage Highlights

Get this adorable layered bob to showcase your luxurious locks. Ask your stylist to add balayage highlights that accentuate the curl patterns even further.

Stacked Curls with Copper-Toned Highlights

Stacked curls are an eye-catching short hairstyle ideal for those with texturized locks. This curly bob cut lets you show off your voluminous coils without becoming unruly or messy. hair gel or mousse will keep your style looking its best all day. Add an eye-catching pop of color by mixing copper with brown in the form of copper-toned highlights.

Dark Maroon Stacked Curls

Opt for a dark maroon shade to emphasize your beautiful curl pattern and complement most face shapes. This bold hue looks fantastic on short, curly bob cuts and works well for women of all ages. It’s a sophisticated style that can be worn for casual and formal events alike.

Medium Stacked Curly Bobs

Medium-stacked curly bobs offer an elegant choice for those seeking more polished ways to wear their curls. Their shorter length keeps your coils polished and in place all day. You can add dimension with some moisturizing mousse for added ease of movement and shine.

Tapered Fade with Stylish Designs

A taper fade is a classic style that works well for curly hair. This haircut gradually fades hair on the sides and back with shorter or medium-length locks on top, often curly, for added texture and volume. Ask your barber to add designs such as triangle shapes or hearts for an eye-catching appearance.

Classic Scissor Crop

If you want to tame your wildest curls without taking risks with length, try the classic scissor crop. This medium-length cut will tame even the most fantastic curls for an elegant, cohesive look that keeps frizz at bay. You can keep your natural color or add highlights for extra shine.

Short and Thin Curls

Short, curly hairstyles can be an excellent option for thin locks. Curling each strand gives it a beautiful volume, and adding shortening length multiplies this effect. Adding a deep side part creates even more volume and style to your curls.

Casual Curls

For those with fuller curls, styling your hair casually is a great way to show them off. This effortless look requires minimal styling and adds volume and bounce to your locks. It’s perfect for day trips and casual social gatherings, providing an eye-catching appearance while avoiding messy hair.

High Fade with Customization

High fades are generally designed with shorter sides and back, leaving longer on top. If you have curly locks, there are many ways to customize a high-fade haircut to create a unique and fashionable style. A low taper fades haircut with a curly Caesar is an excellent choice for casual slick-back looks or formal events.

Gwen Stefani’s Curly Locks

Gwen Stefani knows precisely how to style her curly locks. She embraces her natural coils and pairs them with a side part for an eye-catching and sophisticated appearance. Her extended layered cut with loose tendrils framing the face is straightforward yet effective, perfect for any event or occasion. Blonde highlights add definition while remaining discrete, and this style only needs quick finger combing for flawless styling.