Hairstyles For Big Kids

Prepping your children for school in the morning can be a hectic endeavor. From dressing them and packing their lunches to making sure all their bags and lunches are on time, their hair may fall by the wayside.

An elegant blown-out afro is a simple style to achieve, yet it looks incredible. Apply some styling mousse before blow drying their hair to protect against heat-induced damage and maintain this beautiful style.

Caesar Cut

A Caesar cut with fade is an effective way to give a classic haircut a contemporary makeover. This look features a slightly French crop with a high taper fade for added style and a fringe that is brushed forward to complete this stylish look. Additionally, adding a beard balances out this cut for even greater masculinity.

Although Caesar cuts typically don’t work well for round face shapes, this style makes an exception: its shaved sideburns, and straight fringe brushed towards the forehead for an on-trend aesthetic. Add more edge with a textured mushroom on top for more of an edge, perfect for men with wavy locks, and any texture can be enhanced using pomade or oil to give somebody to this style.

Messy Long Top

A well-cut fade creates an elegant yet youthful appearance, perfectly complementing long, wavy, or curly top hairstyles. Pin-straight locks can also take on this casual style by applying some gel or pomade to their roots before tease-teasing it back with fingers for that pushed-back textured look. A messy style is ideal for showing off a boy’s unique personality without compromising his fashion sense.

Ruffled Top

Ruffled tops are one of the most distinctive kid’s hairstyles and can give your child an incredibly stylish appearance. Pairing this look with mid-skin faded sides will help your child stand out among their peers and be the envy of all.

This easy yet stylish kids’ hair style works well on both wavy and straight locks. Comb back your child’s locks, adding some gel for a texture that makes him stand out among his peers. Sometimes, it’s necessary to allow your kid’s hair to become deliberately messy on purpose – this style is ideal for that, especially when coupled with a burst fade for added impact! Your child will look sharp yet fashionable in no time – all their friends will admire his stylishness!

Side Part

For children seeking a timeless style that never goes out of fashion, side parts are an ideal way to keep their locks neat and polished. Adopted by icons like Cary Grant, David Beckham, and Don Draper from Mad Men, this look will help your child feel mature and self-assured, making this style suitable for formal events.

To create the side part, begin with clean, damp hair and apply pomade or gel on the area where you wish to make it (this could be left or right). Comb the product into place before spraying hairspray over it to maintain the style. For an effortless and natural tone, choose matte products instead of high-shine products for maximum effect.

Burst Fade

The Burst Fade haircut for black kids is a highly flexible style that works on all lengths, textures, and hair styles. It pairs beautifully with Caesar cuts and more modern looks such as mohawks or faux hawks for an ideal manner that works across generations and cultures.

Burst fades are distinguished by a rounded, semicircular appearance around the ears and back of the head. In contrast with drop fades that only taper off at the skin level, burst fades leave longer hair on top and around the neckline.

This style boasts a tightly shaven portion that balances out your natural volume, creating an updated, sleek appearance. Add your flair by customizing it with hair designs ranging from symbols and text to zig-zag lines and text – this modern cut will give you a sharp appearance that will turn heads!