Edgar haircut Design – Style Ideas For Medium hair

If you have medium hair, you can easily get a stylish ponytail style. This style is appropriate for different occasions, such as formal meetings or family parties. It can be replicated easily, as it does not require much styling. Besides, medium-length styles are suitable for all kinds of hair types and textures. A simple ponytail can transform a boring and dull look into a glamorous one. This style is also versatile and can be replicated easily, if you want to wear it in a formal occasion.


This easy to manage style is perfect for women with medium hair. It suits any face shape and works well with summer and fall weather. Just tie it up with two elastics and let your tresses dangle freely. You can also choose to have your bangs swept up at the front to add an edgy touch. It only takes two minutes to put it together. If you’d like to go more formal, you can always wear a jacket and a dress.