Hairstyle Ideas For Medium Hair

Are you searching for a new haircut but are hesitant to commit to long or short styles? Why not give medium hair some TLC with one of these cute ideas for medium-length locks?

Long Layers

Layers add volume, texture, and movement to long hair without significantly chopping or sacrificing length. They are an excellent way to transform any style without going under the knife for a significant change. Layered styling offers many benefits for those wanting a quick way to transform their style without resorting to drastic measures such as cutting it all off!


Twists are an attractive protective hairstyle that looks unique without needing too much upkeep or being heavy. Medium-length twists are versatile because they can be styled into high ponytails for an effortlessly modern look. To achieve a textured topknot, gather your longest strands into a loose bun at the crown of your head and add beads for an added boho touch. For those just getting started with twisting their hair into twists, start right by providing your locks with a healthy foundation – such as washing with a sulfate-free shampoo or cleansing conditioner and detangling while applying moisturizer before beginning twisting.

Short Bangs

Short bangs might seem best suited to long hair, but medium-length locks look fantastic with them, too. Try giving yourself an updated pageboy cut with super short bangs that adorn eyebrows and cheekbones for a distinctive style that adds fullness and volume – the ideal combination. Medium strands look amazing with inverted bobs with blunt bangs for an edgy yet refined style that works on all faces and is always in fashion. This style showcases face-framing qualities while giving off an air of sophistication that never goes out of fashion. Blonde strands that graze the shoulders look fabulous with this mid-length haircut featuring shadow roots and balayage highlights. The highlight hue is eye-catching and will draw all eyes toward your new hairstyle.

E-girl Haircut

A bob hairstyle is an ever-popular look among many e-girls who want to show their unique style. This haircut features violent magenta as the base color with blue and purple at the ends, creating an eye-catching manner. Dyeing your bob a brighter shade can create a striking look; however, this may not be appropriate in professional environments due to potential inappropriateness. One great option for making an impactful statement with color is to highlight your bangs with coloring. This approach may be subtler, yet it still looks stunning, especially with pink fringes adding feminine charm! Additionally, this style is easy to maintain!


When your hair falls between too short and too long, streaks are an easy and stylish way to give it an updated look. From subtle balayage to bold ombre effects, the results will be stunning! If your medium-length hair needs longer for a full topknot, try this chic half-up, half-down style inspired by Ciara. Gather the front half into a ponytail at the crown before wrapping the remaining length into a low, face-framing bun. Swooping layers and shadow roots are a perfect combination for medium hair as they add the illusion of height without appearing chunky or heavy. This style looks especially great when combined with bangs that resemble wind-swept, blonde fringe like those worn by Lana Condor.