Hairstyle For Square Faces

Pixie with Soft Waves

A pixie with soft waves is a fantastic style to complement square faces, adding volume to the crown while framing your look beautifully. Just make sure you go for a side parting and avoid heavy bangs that emphasize your forehead.

Long Cascading Wavy Hairdos

Long cascading wavy hairdos are timeless looks for square face shapes. To complete this elegant style, use a teasing comb to tease back thin sections for volume creation before spraying with a light-hold hairspray.

Sleek Bob with Fringes

A sleek bob with fringes creates an aesthetically pleasing frame for the face and helps conceal any extra weight. Add highlights for added color pop and youthful vibrancy – always check with your stylist to ensure the shade will complement your skin tone perfectly!

Long Wavy hair with Center-Parted Bangs

Long wavy hair with center-parted bangs can help narrow a wider forehead and jawline. The face-framing strands elongate your neckline for an eye-catching effect, veiling any chubby features while veiling away any unnecessary fat accumulation on your parts.

Loose Waves

Are you interested in taking less time styling your hair? Try a shoulder-grazing cut with loose waves as an effortless style option that looks beautiful with any color. Not only does it draw attention away from the heavier lower half of the face, but it also accentuates the jawline from another angle.

Long Bobs with Side-Swept Bangs

Long bobs with side-swept bangs can give your jawline even more definition, making for one of the most flattering hairstyles for square faces – it looks especially striking with highlighted framing layers!

Short Blunt Bob

If you want a short haircut for square faces that’s both stylish and feminine, give this chin-length textured bob a try. Its shaggy layers add volume and texture while helping narrow your face by hiding its wideness.

Slicked Back Long Hair

If you have long hair, a sleek back style with face-framing bangs will enhance your facial features and showcase their sculpted bone structure while softening an otherwise angular jawline. Use a teasing comb to tease back your crown and face-framing locks; then finger combs the remainder before finishing with a light-hold hairspray for added hold.

Volume on Top of the Crown

Lush, layered hairdos with heavy crown layers that thin out towards the edges are an ideal way to highlight a square jawline. This beautiful black bob with center-parted face-framing wavy locks veils broad foreheads while working to narrow down facial features overall. Apply hair serum to protect your tresses from heat-induced damage, and lightly backbrush the crown and face-framing strands for a casual blown-out effect. Finish styling by spraying light-hold hairspray.

River Waves

If you want a hairdo that will complement the square face shape beautifully, consider opting for a layered bob with side bangs – this will take attention off of your wider forehead while helping narrow and lengthen the shape of your face shape. This angled cut is the perfect way to show off a strong jawline while adding feminine appeal. To achieve it, apply generous amounts of hair serum to protect from heat-induced damage before curling your lengths with the curling iron.

Finely Layered Hairdo

A delicate braided hairdo exudes femininity and charm while accentuating your beautiful features. Additionally, this adorable style helps conceal any chubby cheeks or broad foreheads. Reshape the look of your face by gently sweeping delicate side-swept bangs to one or both sides. A short pixie haircut with feathery layers and wavy texture provides flexible movement that reshapes your jawline. If you have fine, wavy locks with a square, chubby face, this middle-parted bob is an ideal style to try. The long face-framing locks help elongate the chin while softening any sharp corners along your jawline.

Round Bob with Fringes

Layered bobs with fringe are another ideal style choice for fuller faces as they add volume at the top while drawing attention away from its roundness. Kate sports one such bob with an uneven parting and barely-there layers, highlighting her collarbones while drawing attention to her eyes. Gwyneth Paltrow wears her center-parted long bob with a curtain effect to hide her square jawline and highlight her cheekbones, and balayage creates a stunning sun-kissed caramel blonde color.

Loose Curls

If you prefer curls, try styling them into a shoulder-grazing bob to emphasize your cheekbones and lengthen the appearance of your face. Apply some hair serum before beginning styling to prevent damage and tangles from occurring during styling. Add bangs that soften an angular face shape for an eye-catching finish, and tuck them behind your ears for added charm. A light-hold hairspray should keep everything in place.