Haircuts For Round Fat Faces

Balance volume with height in order to effectively slim a round face. A simple midi length haircut combined with deep side parting and feathered bangs does the trick here. Combining contrast with color is another effective way to elongate the neckline visually. A balayage blonde shade like this one also brightens complexion while lengthening neckline further.

Layered Lob

If your thick, long strands fall beautifully around your face, consider opting for a layered lob. The combination of lengths will add dimension and help slim down round features in your face. A flirty center-parted lob with curtain bangs and wavy layers is an eye-catching style that will keep you looking chic all year round. Plus, the texture helps hide any double chin issues! Shorter cuts can exaggerate the roundness of your face, but long layered bobs that fall below your chin are typically very flattering on most faces. Their angled layers and deep side part help create balance while adding dimension; give Kaley Cuoco’s ash blonde an inspiration!

Tousled Lob

For an effortless casual-chic style that’s easy to style, opt for the tousled lob haircut. Have your stylist cut your strands so they fall just above the shoulders before adding waves or texture for this trendy style. Dyeing your strands in fun colors adds another way of showing your personal flair while increasing confidence! Medium shaggy lobs with side parts can draw the eye away from your face to make it appear thinner and longer, as well as hide any chubby cheeks or double chin. Light-colored hair colors will be less likely to reflect back onto your features and draw attention back onto widest part of your jawline.

Long Bob

The long bob is one of those timeless looks that flatter almost all. Wavy or straight, this style works beautifully whether worn with bangs or without. For an edgey finish, ask your stylist to create a choppy cut and add face-framing tendrils; or take inspiration from Yara Shahidi’s center-parted curtain bangs which add volume to her face and lengthen its appearance. Mila Kunis exudes confidence with her contemporary look that perfectly frames her round face. The blunt bob style’s straight lines and height above the bare forehead help create the appearance of ovality while slimming her down visually. Furthermore, this hairstyle adds dimension and creates volume by making thin locks appear fuller.

Choppy Choppy Haircut

Add drama and flair to your look with this long choppy layered hairstyle, guaranteed to grab attention thanks to its dramatic angular layers and face framing bangs. Additionally, its length falls right beneath your chin for slimming purposes and hiding any extra weight around the cheeks. Choppy layering adds dimension and volume to thin hair for a sleek appearance, as well as being perfect for thin locks due to creating lighter and fuller locks. Furthermore, this style is easily maintained through regular trims and styling products; just spray some smoothening serum on your roots before styling with this style for optimal results! You could even experiment with side-swept fringes if desired!

Side Part Curls

Balance is key when it comes to creating an appealing look, regardless of your facial structure. That means highlighting areas like eyes and cheekbones while hiding or concealing problem areas such as fuller foreheads or double chins. One effective way of doing that is with a deep side part. This classic look accentuates your eyebrow arch while drawing attention downward to lengthen your chin – and works well on all hair lengths! Add extra definition and detail to a high ponytail with a prominent side part for a sophisticated, dressy look perfect for anything from formal events to casual days at school – and adds some Farrah Fawcett-esque flare! Just be sure to prep your hair first using texturizing spray.