Haircuts for Men Over 60

Men over 60 can still look distinguished with the right haircut. From classy, slick backs to rugged Ivy League cuts, one will surely suit your hair type and face shape.

Try a slicked-back hairstyle with a low fade for a professional look. This sleek and tidy look is easy for older men to manage.

This haircut is perfect for men over 60 with thinning hair. It offers a dramatic yet subtle appearance with a small amount of hair on top. Adding some styling products can help keep it in place.

The medium fade is a timeless and elegant haircut. It suits most faces and hair types, allowing older men to maintain a professional image while showing individuality.

Wavy hairstyles are great for older men with thinning or greying hair. They add volume and texture. Choppy layers can hide receding hairlines and provide depth and dimension.

The pompadour is an iconic and timeless style. It adds elegance to any formal occasion and can provide volume by scrunching salt spray into wet hair.

For a stylish and edgy look, try a short, spiky haircut. This works well for men over 60 with thick hair, highlighting their natural texture and volume. Use a lightweight pomade to create spikes.

The Ivy League haircut adds sophistication to any look. It has tight sides and a neat back, with a longer top for styling options like pompadour or quiff styles.

If you have thin hair, a loose pompadour can add volume without making the sides look too short or bald. This style works best for men with medium-length hair.

Remember to use a strong-hold hair product to secure your look throughout the day.