Haircuts For Men Over 60

If you have a diamond face shape, opt for a style that accentuates both your cheekbones and jawline – such as a sleek quiff with light scruff or full beard – to bring out the best features of your features. This style is ideal for clients with thinning hair as it covers the whole forehead and draws attention away from bald patches. Additionally, it requires low maintenance and works excellently whether wearing a beard or clean-shaven.


Older men with thinning hair have many options for short haircuts. The ideal styles will create handsome, masculine results while masking their receding hairline. A Burst Fade style may be perfect – similar to a drop fade but focused on where the head’s hairline begins to thin; suitable for both curly and straight locks alike and men of various ethnicities. Men who prefer keeping their hair very short have another option: side-slice. This style works particularly well on those with thin frontal scalp hair that can be easily combed with hair gel for a sleek and professional appearance. A man with thicker locks might consider getting his hair styled into a pompadour. This elegant hairstyle looks excellent when worn with short stubble or beard growth. Older men should take special care to find a haircut that complements their facial structure and personal preferences.


A medium haircut may be perfect if your client’s hair has gone silver or gray. Choose from various styles – Ivy League, pompadour, or taper cut. Pierce Brosnan epitomizes this look, while his salt and pepper locks look fabulous with this coif! A side part is an ideal hairstyle for men over 60 and is easy to style; it conceals any thinned areas on their crown while adding visual interest with fringe details. Wear it for maximum impact! Raised front haircuts offer another excellent solution for older clients with thin hair: this style emulates the mohawk while appearing less striking. It can be worn with either side parting or man buns for maximum impact. They’re especially great for clients experiencing hair loss as they draw attention away from any bald spots on their scalps.


Men over 60 can sport an array of styles. A comb-over taper fade haircut could make an attractive and sophisticated statement if they have thicker locks. This haircut combines a short back and sides with long, voluminous top hair to raise the face and conceal thin spots while elevating thinning areas and hiding thinning spots effectively. Salt and pepper hair clients may particularly benefit from this look. Pairing this look with a full beard or a modern goatee will complete this masculine look. A low-maintenance undercut is ideal for older men looking to keep up their style while covering up thinning hair. Achieve this textured look quickly using high-hold pomade or hair wax. A classic choice showcasing thick strands while lifting the face is the slicked-back pompadour, low maintenance but timeless in appearance. Flowing curls add volume to the crown of the head and are an ideal haircut for men over 60 who have lost some of their vitality. A few hair gel or matte pomade spritzes can define waves for an elegant, sleek look.


Long layered haircuts for men add volume while covering any thin patches of hair. If you want to add some flair, try adding side-swept bangs or dramatic ombre or balayage hues that will bring out your face’s features. Layered haircuts for older men are versatile, eye-catching, and effortless to style. Perfect for any length or texture of hair and any facial structure. A taper fades or crew cut with face-framing layers will conceal any thin spots on top while creating an elegant and sophisticated appearance – try pairing one of these looks with a full beard for an edgier feel! With practice, you can master layered haircuts for older men to help erase years from your appearance – give it a try today and witness its difference.