Men’s Haircuts For Hair Loss

Haircuts designed for thin hair can either cover up or highlight its features, with shaving being one option to achieve this look. Shaving is especially suitable when creating an effortless style without much fuss or fussiness.

A faux hawk haircut can also help disguise receding hairlines by volumizing thinned-out locks. This look also features a sleek fade on both the sides and back of the head and gentle spiking of hair at the crown for added impact.

Buzz Cut

Deciding to take control of their hair loss and opting for a buzz cut can be liberating for many men. Not only is it effective at covering up receding hairlines, but the amount also complements all facial shapes. This closely shaved look is popular among sports coaches and personal trainers and can suit a range of skin tones. Choose a straight taper or fade and brush to one side using sea salt spray for a beachy vibe or some pomade for more of a slicked-back style. Round faces may find this style distancing, as it emphasizes their features; however, a light coat of stubble will help somewhat alleviate this. Diamond face shapes often find this look flattering as it brings out their strong jawlines but should avoid it if they have prominent ear bumps or widow’s peaks to disguise it more successfully.

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut is ideal for men with thin hair, as it draws attention away from your mane and toward your face. Additionally, it’s simple and flexible in terms of styling options; choose whether or not you want an undone or tidy finish with wax or pomade with medium or strong hold to create your ideal style. This classic military haircut remains popular today. This stylish yet versatile cut works for most face shapes and works particularly well when styled with quiff, pompadour, or comb-over hairdos. Try something textured for an eye-catching twist: the textured crew cut. This includes a longer tuft on top with faded back and sides, perfect for casual days out with friends or business meetings with bosses alike. For even greater elegance, ask your barber to add a trim beard at the base of your crew cut for added elegance.

Faux Hawk

Men’s haircut styles for hair loss often feature the faux hawk as one of their more versatile choices. Combining a tapered fade and naturally textured top into an iconic style, the faux hawk can work for casual and professional settings. To achieve it yourself, apply some hair cream or wax on top of your head, use your fingers to form a quiff utilizing this product, then secure it with styling product so it stays in place all day long. The faux hawk is ideal for men looking for a high-profile haircut without the drama of a mohawk yet still desire the sleek silhouette and easy maintenance that comes with long locks. Additionally, this style works particularly well on those with thin or sparse locks as it makes their hair appear fuller; plus, its more subdued aesthetic makes it suitable for office wear.

Pixie Cut

If your hair is fragile, adding layers can give it volume and make it appear fuller and thicker. Plus, various styling options, such as face-framing bangs or side parts, will add more dimension. It is especially beneficial for ladies with square face shapes as this helps soften the sharp jawline. A choppy tapered pixie is another exquisite choice for thin hair, featuring finely chopped layers that add texture and lift to its style. When worn with light hair color, this option works incredibly well, allowing women to maintain formal appearances while feeling free and relaxed. Layered pixie cuts can also form a bob shape by gradually trimming away at the top layer as it grows, thus avoiding mullet-esque hairlines while you wait for your fairy to expand further.