Haircuts For Hair Loss Female

Blunt Cut

A blunt cut is versatile for various hair lengths and thickness levels. It effectively disguises overall or frontal scalp thinning (telogen effluvium). Ask your stylist to create a side part to cover the forehead line.

Caesar Cut

The Caesar Cut is a classic and elegant style that hides thinning hair while remaining fashionable. This popular choice works for all hair types. To create a tapered effect, the hair is brushed forward and trimmed short at the back and sides. Using gel or wax styling products adds a sleek and clean finish. Modern variations of the Caesar Cut, such as the light French crop and high skin fade, are also suitable for curly or wavy hair, adding dimension and texture to the style. To achieve this cut, have your barber trim your hair to the desired length and use matte-finish products before styling the top with pomade.

Side Bangs

Side bangs are a great alternative if you want a change without committing to full bangs. They suit all face shapes and hair textures and are easy to style. Side-swept bangs paired with a layered bob can reshape and highlight features like the eyes and cheekbones. Long and choppy bangs can create an edgy style for those with shorter hair when combined with other strands. This haircut is low maintenance, and using Dove Between Washes Clarifying Dry Shampoo keeps it looking fresh and healthy for longer.

Layered Haircut

Layers are perfect for adding volume and movement to your hair. They work well for curly, wavy, and thicker hair types and can be incorporated into short and long haircuts. Layers offer endless styling possibilities, such as face-framing tendrils or side-swept bangs for added movement and drama. Additionally, layering complements ombre and balayage color techniques, adding dimension to your style. When getting a layered cut, ensure your hair is evenly dampened for maximum effect. Discuss with your stylist which layers would suit your face shape best and ask for tips on recreating the look at home.