Haircuts For Extremely Thin Hair

The pixie cut may be your ideal style choice for those with thin hair. Combining the front tresses of a bob with more volume on top, this look provides a carefree yet striking appearance. Try adding light highlights for a more dramatic effect. Redheads can opt for a layered pixie to elevate their short haircut with an elegant flourish.

Long layers can add depth and texture to thin hair while creating fullness in certain areas. Ask your stylist to add feathered chunky layers or shave side sections with longer layers for bolder looks. For everyday wear, consider an extended layered cut with face-framing highlights. Complete the look with a side-swept ponytail for casual occasions or an elegant bun for formal events.

The classic bob is an effective style for all face shapes. For thin hair, ask your stylist to add soft layers to thicken and volumize your locks. Consider adding balayage highlights for dimension. Longer bobs can also work well, boasting a sleek feathery texture that draws attention to the jawline. Try a sexy blunt bob with bangs for a bolder look.

A layered bob is a timeless classic style that works well on thin hair. The clever angle-cutting and variety of lengths create thickness, movement, and texture. A chin-length bob with side-swept bangs is cute and girly, while an unconventional bob with jagged edges adds volume and texture.