Haircut Styles 2020

Now that 2019 has arrived, it’s time to update your style with one of these stunning haircut styles in 2020, ranging from beautiful bob cuts to trendy pixie cuts – these will keep you looking your best throughout 2020.

Shag Haircut

The shag hairstyle has long been a fashionable must, debuting among rockers and fashionistas. This effortless way to add bold femininity can quickly transform any look. Whether that means rocker Camila Cabello with piecey bangs or Taylor Swift with a soft beachy bob that exudes tomboyish charm, you could add drama with choppy, layered ends as Lana Condor does, creating an instantly cool and edgy style!

Shag haircuts are great styles that work on all hair textures, making finding the ideal style effortless. If you have fine, straight strands, opt for a medium-length shag with layers and razored edges to reduce bulk and add volume. Those with curlier locks love shags too. Meg Ryan famously wears her in Charlie’s Angels by adding beachy curls with a curling wand.

Medium-length shags look stunning when styled with balayage highlights, as seen on Chrissy Teigen below. Highlights help frame your features and bring out their full potential. If daring, try sporting an eye-catching rainbow-colored shag to support LGBTQA causes or express yourself!

If you have graying locks, a shag haircut can be an ideal way to showcase them. Ask your stylist to create an edgy style with a texture that won’t look “old.”

Short Pixie Cut

The short pixie cut is an effortless yet low-maintenance style that works for every hair texture or face shape, particularly black women who typically have thick and curly locks. Additionally, its styling options vary widely. You can sculpt into different shapes to add volume or structure, add side parts for dramatic silhouette, or request spiked layers throughout for an edgier feel that will turn heads!

Layered pixie cuts are also great options for those with thin or delicate locks, as they add volume without too much weight to their mane. Scrunching or curling the strands with mousse or adding color contrast will further emphasize a romantic or feminine aesthetic. Achieve an extra pop by pairing dark roots with a light-colored pixie cut like actress Kristen Wiig has.

This pixie cut features slightly longer top layers and short angled side bangs for an elegant appearance or can be styled messy for more dramatic flair. Longer full strands may also be dyed a vibrant shade to further emphasize your captivating features and keep you looking refreshed throughout the day.


The Faux Hawk is an exaggerated version of a Mohawk with an elevated crest of hair on top, perfect for showing off your individuality and suitable for formal or casual events. Tapered or untipped according to your taste, this style enhances angular features by emphasizing their edges while creating a dynamic appearance. Ideally, combined with skin fade or low fade haircuts and well-groomed sideburns, it creates an exciting

, vibrant impression.

Regarding haircut styles in 2020, the Faux Hawk is one of the most versatile cuts that allow you to express yourself. Perfect for men looking to avoid peak punk without infuriating Sarah in HR, its key element is ensuring its crest has enough height and texture to be noticeable.

An easy way to get the perfect Faux Hawk is to have your barber comb both sides and back of your head before cutting the crest on top. This will ensure that its length matches up proportionately with other parts of your hair. Plus, adding texture or volume may add additional interest.

Faux Hawks can also look aggressive when combined with beards for an aggressive appearance, though it should be noted that having one may make your faux hawk appear messy or unkempt. Only opt for this style if you are prepared to spend enough time grooming it properly.

Man Bun

Man buns have quickly become one of the most fashionable men’s hairstyles of the last year, with good reason. Not only do they look fantastic on all kinds of guys, but there are multiple ways to style the man bun to appear cool and neat. Here are some effective man bun styles for 2020:

One of the easiest and classic ways to wear a man bun is tying it loosely at the crown of your head into a topknot, showing off your stylish and sleek style and looking great with a beard or mustache! This will show everyone who sees it that you take your looks seriously.

Tie your man bun in an eyelet style for another way of rocking it. This style lets you show your style without exerting too much effort into your look.

Finally, try opting for a side-swept man bun. It is a great way to express yourself while being easy to maintain, and it can be worn without much fuss! Be sure to trim loose hairs around your sides or nape regularly to avoid unruly locks!

A man bun is an effective and comfortable way to show off your style, especially for men with long hair. Ensure your sideburns and nape are adequately maintained to avoid unwanted stray hairs and visit your barber every nine weeks for regular trims to keep it looking sharp!

Long Hair

If you’ve always worn long hair, there are numerous flattering styles in 2020. Layers are essential when styling hair at this length. Use them to create dimension or shed off that dense “hair helmet” appearance. Ask your stylist to incorporate short face-framing pieces or longer layers shifted towards the front for movement and volume.

For a retro-inspired look, try opting for a shag haircut shorter in the back and fuller at the front. This style works particularly well on oblong face shapes, providing an easy way to frame your forehead without overshadowing cheekbones. Additionally, try going for a piece-long pixie cut. Both trendy and highly flattering to this hair length, create waves in this look using texturizing spray.

A blunt bob is another great style for long hair that works exceptionally well on oblong faces, giving your face some lift. This trending below-chin length offers many styling possibilities with different textures and colors. You could even opt for Jane Birkin-inspired side-swept bangs that skim your brows!

Medium-length haircuts like the lob and modern shag are great for oblong face shapes. These styles bridge the gap between bob and pixie cuts, allowing you to pick and choose what elements work for each look. For an eye-catching style, add beachy waves. They’re on trend this year. For even more drama, try layering up with beachy waves. Lastly, if your long locks make you stand out more, a deep side part may accentuate rather than conceal your face shape.