Haircut Simulator

Help your customers achieve the hairstyle of their dreams in this barber shop simulator game! Using advanced hair interactions, wash, trim, shave, and color their locks for the ideal style. Also, decorate and keep your shop clean to maintain a perfect hygiene score!

Your Perfect Hairstyle – Men

An excellent haircut can transform a man’s appearance. Choosing one that best compliments your facial structure and features while subduing those you wish not to highlight is paramount.

Your Perfect Hairstyle – Women

This free women’s app allows you to upload photos and experiment with various styles. From fringes to short bobs, there is something here for every taste. You can even change your hair color to find that ideal look. Additionally, you can determine your face shape through photo analysis to avoid committing to a short pixie cut that doesn’t suit you.

The free version of this app offers over 20 hairstyles to choose from, with upgrades available to remove ads and access additional premium styles for just a dollar or two more. It is one of the more comprehensive haircut simulator apps on the market, including techniques for both men and women and supporting iOS and Android platforms.

Your Perfect Hairstyle – Kids

This fun app helps you discover your kid’s face shape and suggests hairstyles that complement their natural features. You can quickly try different styles and colors with just a click!

Your Perfect Hairstyle – Teens

Teenagers love keeping up with beauty trends and exploring various hairstyles. They desire a sophisticated yet low-maintenance style that complements their personalities.