How Much Is Too Much?

New Yorkers have noticed that haircuts have become a popular luxury item, rivaling designer accessories. However, there is a debate among clients of high-priced salons over whether the upfront cost is worth the experience they may or may not receive.

1. Short A-Line Cut

An A-line cut is an excellent choice for women with curly hair, as it avoids the triangular shape associated with straight styles. Adding inverted layers creates a structured look that allows curls to bounce freely. This style is ideal for women with solid jawlines and those who prefer sleek looks. It can be paired with a side or center parting, or styled in more casual options like jagged bobs with beachy waves.

Choosing the right color for an A-line cut is crucial. Dark shades can highlight face-framing layers, while balayage coloring techniques create natural-looking lighting effects.

There are endless styling options for an A-line haircut. Curls add texture and volume, while a straight bob is effortless. Long, wavy locks can be styled with loose waves for a playful feel or sleeked into a polished ponytail. Highlights and ombre can also give a unique appearance to a short A-line cut.

2. Triangle Cut

The Triangle Cut is a trendy haircut that adds definition and structure to the hair. It involves carving or slicing individual strands of hair to create balanced lines of texture. This cut works well for straight or curly locks and is particularly suitable for formal hairstyles.

Those with triangle-shaped faces can benefit from hairstyles that accentuate their features, such as cuts that highlight forehead and cheekbone width. Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller sported a large triangular patch of hair on the back of his head, which he explained symbolizes growth and progress.

To get a Triangle Cut, it’s best to visit a barbershop specializing in this style and find an experienced stylist.

3. Flippy Layers

Stylists can add volume and movement to long or medium-length hairstyles by incorporating flippy layers. These layers, especially face-framing ones, help highlight natural features like cheekbones and jawlines. They create campaigns without adding bulk, making them perfect for long or medium-length hair.

Flippy layer cuts can also add volume. They involve shorter layers around the face that flip out towards the ends, creating a fuller look. To achieve this style, hairstylists should use appropriate cutting techniques to avoid making holes or unevenness in the hair.

One popular way to style flippy layered hair is by curling it and pinning it back with a chic clip, giving it a vintage look. It’s important to regularly moisturize the hair and use volumizing products to maintain healthy-looking locks.

4. Bullet Bob

The Bullet Bob is a classic haircut characterized by short, one-length locks with blunt ends, popularized by Wall Street professionals in the 1980s and indie kids in the ’90s. An updated version of this style combines the Wednesday Adams aesthetic with a French Square look. It’s an excellent choice for transitioning from a wolf cut or shag style, adding dimension to the face frame without being overwhelming.

To achieve the Bullet Bob, ask your stylist to create a tapered and layered bob that hits just below the shoulders. Short layers should frame the face, making it suitable for men and women with straight or curly hair. This versatile trend can be paired with or without bangs to create a captivating style.

5. Bangs

Bangs, or fringe, are a popular hair layer that frames the face in various styles to complement hair texture and facial structure. From side-swept to straight across, there’s a bang style for every face shape. However, the decision to get bangs should be carefully considered.

For beginners, a soft curtain fringe or gateway bang can gently introduce this style. Wider bangs that taper off at the eyebrows suit longer face shapes, providing balance and angularity. Layered bangs offer texture and volume, which goes well with short styles like the pixie cut. Messy bangs soften sharper features and draw attention to cheekbones.

Bangs can also add structure and volume to fine or thin hair. When selecting bang styles, consider ones that won’t weigh down the locks and complement the face shape and hair color.

Remember, always consult a professional hairstylist who can guide you in choosing the right haircut and style.