How to Wear a Shorter in the Back, Longer in Front Hairstyles

Shorter in the back and longer in front hairstyles are elegant to sport on any special occasion. From inverted bobs to angled cuts, these styles can add volume, movement, and drama to your facial structure. This asymmetrical cut beautifully frames the face, working well on straight and wavy hair textures. Additionally, it can help highlight features with color or balayage highlights.

A-Line Cut

An A-line cut is an iconic classic for a good reason–it always looks stylish and effortless. No matter whether it is a curly or straight layered cut, an A-line will flatter any face shape and add modern flair with its salt-and-pepper color scheme. If you want something different, opt for an inverted A-line bob. This style features a shorter back and more extended front length to frame your face perfectly, and your stylist can use layers and face-framing highlights for added dimension. Women with thick hair may benefit from choosing a stacked A-line bob as it helps prevent their look from looking flat and lackluster. You can add long side-parted bangs for an added feminine and timeless touch; low maintenance needs mean even using your blow dryer can create this style!

Asymmetrical Cut

One of the edgier and beautiful ways to wear longer hair in front is by adding an asymmetrical touch. This style works exceptionally well on medium texture locks with slight differences between back length and bang length; silver emo styles and pastel hues, work great for this cut. Wavy asymmetrical styles also work beautifully with this haircut, especially when combined with cool-toned ombre shades such as violet to lilac (as shown here). For added fashion-forwardness, try adding a fringe. An asymmetrical style can help older women transitioning to natural gray hair look their best as they age. This look keeps the back short while adding some length at the front for face-framing purposes, particularly when combined with a deep side part and romantic curls.

Layered Cut

The Layered Cut is one of the most iconic female styles, characterized by face-framing layers paired with full curtain bangs to create an effortlessly chic style suitable for virtually all facial structures. Your stylist will begin the layered haircut process for women by selecting vertical “beach ball” sections, similar to how color sections on a beach ball are separated by length. As each section increases in size, its impactful results become increasingly dramatic; once , your stylist has taken all desired areas, she can begin cutting point cuts for you. Starting with the shortest team and gradually working her way to the longest one, cutting each segment as she goes along. When finished, your stylist should go back over any areas where uneven cuts were made for an even finish and also recut any longer pieces that stick out for an effortless, round, easy-to-stay, and maintain style.

Face Frame Cut

Face framing layers are an effective way to add volume and shape to thin hair or soften curly locks and bring balance to an otherwise long or thick style. Start by brushing and detangling dry hair before shampooing with Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo, which contains Onsen-inspired ferment to cleanse and rebalance the scalp. Redirect the top rectangle section towards an imaginary square line in front of your face, using it as a guideline to point cut the layer without going too deep into the temples or forehead. As you work around the face, please pay special attention to both sides of the hair to ensure they appear balanced. Finish with a light blow-dry and style to complete this style – it is ideal for anyone who would rather avoid the choppy appearance some face-framing layers can produce.