Trending Haircut For Men 2020

Brushed Back Style with High Bald Fade and Hard Side Parting Detail

If you’re searching for a stylish haircut for men, this brushed-back style is it. Boasting a high bald fade and hard-side parting detail, this unique haircut makes a statement! Team it with a beard for an eye-catching rockstar look that will turn heads. Or add texture with matte textured pomade for a softer take.

Pompadour with Bald Fade

The pompadour is an iconic men’s hairstyle with its dramatic top swoop and short sides, giving this classic hairstyle modern flair by pairing it with a bald fade. A bald fade involves shaving the sides and back of your head until it blends seamlessly with your skin, creating an eye-catching contrast between it and a pompadour style. A high skin fade adds a stylish aesthetic to a hard part pompadour haircut and can be styled either messily up-do or sleek back, depending on your facial structure.

Quiff with Bald Fade

Modernizing classic looks for guys who don’t want to go too short on the sides, bald fades can add a strikingly masculine finish by updating a classic quiff with thick, textured top sections and faded facial hair that complement each other beautifully. It creates a stark contrast between broad top areas and faded facial hair for a striking finish that stands out against others in its class. This stylish style combines a high skin fade with a hard part comb over to achieve a contemporary and fashionable appearance. No matter whether it is for formal or casual events, this cut will ensure you always turn heads!

Brushed Back Textured Short Haircut

Introduce some texture into your look with a disconnected pompadour! This classic style highlights long strands on top while short hair at the back and sides creates a striking visual. Finish this timeless style with a rugged fade or carefully sculpted facial hair for added modern flair.

Box Fade Cut for Men

Another fashionable men’s brushed-back haircut option is the box fade. Similar to its counterpart, this style tapers down towards the neckline before curving around the ears. Pair it with a high top for an eye-catching and sophisticated look!

Slicked Back Textured Short Haircut

Men’s haircut that takes the classic slicked-back style in an unexpected direction. Perfect for office environments and thin locks alike, this style hides any irregularities or light patches in your locks. This short textured haircut features a mid fade and longer locks styled into a quiff for easy styling and wearability. Pair it with a disconnected beard for a casual yet chic look, finishing the style with a light pomade to make it more formal and polished.

Long Hair with Beard

A long man bun with a full beard makes for a fashionable look, especially among chubby men, as it adds balance and makes their faces less bulky. A high fade with a brushed back is another eye-catching style that pairs perfectly with beards. This cut combines a crew cut’s ruggedness and tapered fade elegance for an impressive professional and masculine appearance. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, consider leaving it natural for an effortless yet trendy look. Or use pomade to straighten and maintain the neatness of your locks.

Fauxhawk with Bald Fade

This faux hawk is perfect for men who want to look sophisticated without going all rockstar. The clean sides with fresh lines perfectly complement medium-length brushed-up hair on top. Style this look with some high-shine pomade (we recommend Imperial Barber matte pomade) and an easily maintained beard that looks great with any outfit. It is simple and low maintenance! If you want to make an impressionful statement with your hairstyle, try this bald fade faux hawk? It is an impressive combination of haircuts that will draw everyone’s attention.

Man Bun

Hairstyles that command attention can make all the difference when trying to stand out in a crowd, such as this high pompadour with a bald fade and beard combination. Men who wish to stand out can try this bold hairstyle for maximum impact. Though once considered outdated, the man bun is back in fashion! This stylish haircut for men in 2020 allows them to show off their length without looking messy or cluttered; its flexibility also means it can be changed with variations and new trends.

Long hair with Bald Fade

The bald fade, or skin fade, is an elegant style that works well with any hairstyle. This haircut involves shaving your sides and back down to skin level while leaving more length on top; this particular haircut works particularly well when worn with curly or wavy locks due to its added textural element. Combining a slick back with a fade is an eye-catching and dapper combination for men that exudes sophistication. This look works well with all hair textures and can be enhanced further using water-based pomades to secure each strand of your locks.