Blue Anime Styles For Big Faces


A big face looks good with any type of style, but the most flattering one is one that highlights the size of the forehead. You can achieve a stunning look with this style, but keep in mind that a short haircut will work better. The front part of that should be medium in thickness, so that it covers the entire forehead. To make your style look great, you can experiment with different types of textures. You can experiment with several types of styles before settling on a specific one.

A short style can hide bad angles on your face, a slicked back look will make your face look shorter, and a messy pony will make your face look rounder and less angular. A chunky bun can be a beautiful style for big faces. If you have thick hair, it is best to keep it short, or choose a medium-thick one that will cover more of your forehead.

One of the most common styles for a big face is the ponytail. It adds volume and depth to the face, making it seem longer and less round. It’s also easy to manage if you’re in a rush. This style also gives that a funky look, since it can be easily created without brushing it. This short style works well for both men and women. A messy pony is a trial-and-error process, but the results will be worth the effort.