Haircuts For Big Faces

If you have a round face shape, there are certain stylistic elements you should avoid to make your face appear thinner. These include center parts and long locks reaching toward your temples as they add width. Switch up your look with a layered cut that emphasizes volume in your features. A textured lob with bangs works exceptionally well on longer faces, as it’s simple and flattering.

Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail is a timeless hairstyle that appears effortless, making it the ideal option for special events and chic daily looks. Furthermore, its simplicity also serves to conceal thin or wispy areas around your crown area or help cover flyaways or wispies in your fringe. Try it with a center part for a formal look, or add some flair by adding blonde highlights into your ponytail for something truly stunning. Either way, this fashionable style will surely turn heads.

Acing a smooth ponytail requires just the proper preparations. Once your hair is clean and dry, apply anti-frizz products such as mousse to help make it feel flat and sleek.

Messy Ponytail

Try this wavy, messy ponytail style for an effortless feminine look with added texture. Not only will you gain extra romance from it, but it will undoubtedly draw some serious attention throughout the day! Make an impressionful statement with this chic style by gathering your strands into a low ponytail with a twist wrap and twisting them around its base – it works incredibly well when combined with ombre hair!

This light blonde messy ponytail is ideal for teens and women who appreciate stylish trends. This charming look will have you looking sweet yet sophisticated – suitable for night-outs with your friends!

Big Bun

If you’re sick of wearing sleek ponytails and are ready for something different, try opting for a messy ponytail instead. Not only does it look more appealing and emphasize your cheek area, but it also looks incredible when worn with heavy earrings!

This style effectively conceals a large forehead while emphasizing your stunning cheekbones, making your face appear slimmer while drawing attention to your beautiful eyes! Perfect for everyday wear with just some hair gel required to hold its form – making this style simple, sleek, and accessible. Also great for formal events.

Tousled Hair

Tousled hair is one of the most striking haircuts for big faces, perfect for casual and special events. Plus, its easy care requirements require minimal upkeep! Combine teasing and hairspray for this gorgeous tousled style, which works wonderfully with heavy earrings.

To achieve this look, spray your hair with salt water in a spritzing bottle and tease. As you tease more vigorously, the fuller it will look. Finally, finish by setting with some hairspray to keep everything in place.

Long Hairstyle

If you have a long face, try wearing your hair in ways to counterbalance it. A blunt cut lob with curtain bangs adds a cool-girl edge and works for women of all ages – offering the ideal way to balance out a round facial structure.

This chic haircut boasts a thick center part with dark blonde balayage highlights to add depth and create depth around your face. Additionally, face-framing layers elongate your face shape for more attractive results. This hairstyle is great for round faces, emphasizing cheekbones while softening the jawline. Additionally, this look works wonders for curly or wavy locks, as it will hide any lumps or bumps on the forehead.

Layered Hairstyle

Layered hairstyles are an easy and elegant way to add dimension and slim down your long mane. Also, layered styles help frame the face for a more slimming effect. For a bolder product, ask for layers with lighter ends; this creates the impression of volume that makes an eye-catching statement with golden blonde or ash colors.

If you have a round or oval face shape, try layering your hair around your forehead and cheekbones to accentuate their angles and accentuate your feminine features. This angled style works equally well on straight or wavy locks and can even be enhanced with bangs for an ultrafeminine finish.