How to Choose an Edgar haircut based on Face Shape

It is vital to choose a haircut based on your face shape. This article will help you decide which cut suits your facial features best. A rectangular face shape has even cheekbones and a wide, soft face. An angular bob is an ideal haircut for a round face. However, it is important to note that an angular bob works best on square-shaped faces. A long style with a fringe is also an excellent choice for a square-shaped face.

For a round face, the ideal haircut would be a short, blunt bob with a full fringe. This style will accentuate the slender features of the face, and it will accentuate the rounded cheekbones. A rounded face is generally more uniform in width and height, and lacks sharp angles. For men with this shape, the best style is a medium-length cut with a soft fringe, which can lift the face and create movement.

How to Choose a Men’s haircut Based on Face Shape


When it comes to styles, it is crucial to understand your face shape in order to choose the right haircut for your face type. People with round, oval, and oblong faces tend to have angular cheekbones and a blunt chin. The best haircuts for these faces are long side swept styles that soften angles, give movement, and balance the overall shape of the face. There are many ways to style that to match your facial shape, so it is important to choose your cut based on the size of your jawline and the width of your face.