The Benefits of a Hair Turban

Switching out your shower towel for a hair turban can make an enormous difference to how you treat wet hair, helping prevent damage, frizz, and other style and health problems. Plus, it’s softer and more comfortable than your average towel, thanks to being made from superabsorbent microfiber material which quickly dries your locks in half the time!

It’s Designed for Hair Wrapping

Stepping out of the shower and wrapping your hair in a regular bath towel can cause neck strain, making it hard to perform your skincare regimen or apply makeup with such an immovable mass of material covering your head and obscuring your vision. Hair turbans are specifically designed to protect wet locks. Made of lightweight microfiber with a convenient button/loop fastening on the back that easily fits any head size, hair turbans provide more absorbency than cotton and dry more quickly – helping avoid drippy drops down your neck! Hair turbans make an eye-catching statement in any bathroom or changing area, offering chic patterns and styles you’d be proud to wear out in public! For maximum nourishing effects, apply Mensah’s Manketti Oil before sleeping – you’ll wake up to vibrant, nourished strands!

It’s Made of Microfiber

As most women know, once out of the shower and toweling off, once you step out you need to bend over and flip your hair back so as to stand up without having a large bath towel hanging from your neck – something which puts an immense strain on both neck and back muscles, not to mention blocking vision if left dangling around during everyday or evening preparations. Hair Turban towels are specially-designed to serve this purpose, made from microfiber that’s lightweight yet absorbent – not cotton towels – meaning no extra bending over and rubbing to dry your wet locks – which could result in frizz and breakage. Furthermore, this material reduces friction by keeping cuticles flat so they retain more moisture than cotton does.

It’s Better for Your Hair

Your hair turban’s woven fabric will soak up excess water, helping keep it from landing directly onto your locks and making them less likely to frizz. In addition, this reduces friction which causes its cuticle to bend or weaken over time resulting in split ends, thinner strands, or unwanted frizz. Wring out your hair, wrap it tightly around a turban towel, and secure with its button, you can sit down to do your makeup and skincare without having to keep an eye on wet locks – helping reduce neck strain while getting ready faster! This ensures neck strain doesn’t interfere with getting ready quicker! Your new turban towel’s wicking fabric will significantly shorten drying time, with results up to 50 percent faster compared to using a cotton shower towel alone. This can save both time and money as it allows you to get on with your day without air-drying your locks which often causes frizzing issues.

It’s Better for Your Skin

An ordinary shower towel can cause friction that leads to breakage and frizz in your locks, leaving them dry, soft, silky smooth. A hair turban absorbs moisture to protect from this friction while leaving your locks silky smooth. Use of a hair turban towel will allow you to prepare for your day more easily without dealing with an annoying, heavy shower towel draped across your head. Doing skincare or makeup routine with such an obstacle in the way can cause neck strain and make it hard to see exactly what’s being done. Hair Turbans are easy to use, look great, and provide superior health benefits than regular shower towels for both hair and skin. Not to mention being eco-friendly! Why not give it a try – you won’t be sorry you did – plus, they might become something everyone recommends in time – everyone can benefit from a hair turban!