Hair Trims For Long Hair

Maintain the health and beauty of your locks with regular hair trims from licensed stylists. Stylists will remove dead ends that have developed due to styling and washing, keeping your tresses looking fabulous!

Long Hair Styles for Shape and Volume

Long-haired women looking to add shape and volume can use layered styles as a great way to do just that. Face-framing bangs or U-shaped layers work best on most face shapes.

Coarse Hair

A trim can help reduce volume and add movement to your locks! To determine whether or not your locks are coarse, pinch a strand between your thumb and forefinger and slide your fingers down it like sewing thread; if this feels similar, then they have thick, coarse locks!

Elegant Long-Angled Bob for Thick Hair

An elegant long angled bob with choppy arched bangs is an excellent hairstyle to sport if you have thick hair. This smoky look will allow your features to stand out without hiding behind many locks. Add subtle balayage for a head-turning style!

Inspiring Example: Penelope Cruz’s Long Layered Hair

Penelope Cruz’s exquisite long, layered hair is an inspiring example of its versatility. Medium-length thick locks pair beautifully with piece-y bangs for an effortless casual-chic style; for added texture, try asking your stylist to add layers that begin at either crown or mid-lengths to create complete, voluptuous locks.

Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, don’t settle for flat and lifeless locks! Your strands can appear fuller than ever with the proper haircut, layers, and volumizing products.

Creating Volume for Thin Locks

If your strands are fine, ask your stylist to create layers at approximately chin length for a more seamless style. Feathered layers combined with subtle balayage colors can add dimension and thickness to thin locks, while curtain bangs will frame your face perfectly while creating a softening effect.

Tips for Volume

Shampoo and conditioner that offer volume are also helpful. A great volumizing shampoo/conditioner combination to use is L’Oreal Professionnel Volumetry Anti-Gravity Shampoo/Conditioner; texturizing sprays also can give your mane more body; provide a spritz at the roots for instantaneous results!

Medium Hair

Medium hair has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity recently. It combines the low-maintenance look of short hair with styling potential found only in long hairstyles – giving you plenty of choices when designing your haircut!

Styling Ideas for Medium Hair

Add face-framing layers or long side bangs to a classic bob for a flattering and feminine style, or take an untidy approach by visually breaking up thick locks for additional movement and direction.

Add Color for a Stylish Upgrade

Add pops of color with a balayage or ombre look, bright colored streaks, or full head highlights for an instant upgrade and stylish new look. Just ensure you allow enough time for the change to grow out; making a snap decision could result in regretful regret. Finding the ideal look can only enhance your features!

Fine Hair

Long fine hair can quickly become flat or stringy when not appropriately styled. Still, several effective solutions are available to boost your strand volume, such as layering, texturizing, dimension-based coloring, and wavy styling.

Choppy Layers for Movement and Texture

To give long fine strands some movement and texture, ask your stylist about choppy layer cuts for any length – these cuts feature face-framing layers which can either be worn long or tucked under for an eye-catching style and to complement the shape and cheekbones of any face shape or cheekbones of any facial structure!

Styling Tips for Fine Hair

If you wear bangs, trim them just above your eyebrows for a sleek, modern look and to avoid getting oily quickly. Finish your style with some volumizing dry shampoo for added volume; for an instantaneous hair boost, consider opting for cascading waterfall braids or loose beachy waves to showcase their effortless beauty on social media.