Hair Tint Oils – Protect Your Color and Make It Shine

hair dye can be a fantastic way to express yourself and change your look, but it can also damage your locks in ways you may never imagine. To counter this damage, try investing in protective oils which protect the color while adding shine without making your locks oily or greasy.

What is Hair Tint?

hair tint differs from hair dye in that it adds an invisible layer of pigment over your base color and offers semi-permanence lasting four weeks if properly maintained. It’s a less damaging way to color your hair. Tints can dry out your locks, so using products designed specifically for color-treated locks after your appointment is crucial.

Protecting Color-Treated Hair

Look for shampoos and conditioners formulated for color-treated locks, as these contain ingredients such as keratin and lipids to repair damage while increasing shine. These products will also extend the longevity of your new hue. Additionally, lightweight, non-greasy oils should help ensure that your new shade lasts.

Comparing hair Tint and Hair Dye

hair tints are more cost-effective and longer-term solutions to changing your look than hair dyes. Most semi-permanent tints last two to four weeks before needing another application. hair dyes are more damaging and may require bleaching to return your hair to its natural condition.

Advancements in Home Hair Dyes

Home hair dyes have improved over time, containing less damaging and less toxic ingredients. Some even include natural or organic components and do not contain ammonia and parabens. Home hair dyes also have protective gear and post-coloring treatments to minimize hair damage.

Maintaining Hair Tint

Hair tints are generally easier to manage than permanent hair dyes but require weekly touch-ups. Using non-greasy hair oil and color-protecting shampoo can help the stain retain its vibrancy longer. This method of coloring is also versatile, allowing for subtle color changes, highlights, lowlights, and coverage of greys.