Add Volume and Length to Your Hair With hair Tape

Hair tape can be an easy and convenient way to add volume and length to your locks, lasting for six to eight weeks with regular maintenance. Plus, it’s quick to put on.

Easy to Apply

hair tape can be an excellent solution for those seeking to add volume or length to their locks, with its easy application and removal lasting 6-8 weeks. Furthermore, thin locks benefit significantly as they can be placed closer to the scalp without harming natural locks.

Before applying tape extensions, wash and ensure your hair is dehydrated. Dampness could bind with adhesive on hair pieces, making them undone over time. Once your hair is clean and dry, spray an ample amount of adhesive remover on each tape tab before peeling them gently from the poly panel. Retape using one of the spare tape tabs provided with the hair extension kit; to protect your locks during removal, you may use natural oils like coconut, olive, or baby oil as additional protection for removing tape-ins.

Easy to Remove

Home removal of hair tape extensions should be effortless and harm-free; it requires patience and an adhesive bond remover product to start. Spray adhesive bond remover over the tape and wait a few minutes before gently pulling it apart. Be sure to wash your natural locks afterward!

Before reapplying extensions, it’s essential to ensure the Poly Panels (tape wefts) have been cleaned carefully to remove any oil, product, or adhesive residue accumulated, and ensure they are scorched before applying new adhesives. If you don’t have bond removers available, use natural oil-based removers such as coconut, olive, or palm oil. While this method might take longer than adhesive removers, it remains safe and effective. Start from the front of your head backward.

Lasts Up to 6-8 Weeks

Tape hair extensions are lightweight extensions designed to evenly distribute their weight across multiple strands of your natural hair, eliminating any chance of pulling or slipping out. Their thin bondings also ensure they won’t rub off onto your scalp, resulting in an honest and sleek finish.

Proper care of extensions will allow them to last anywhere between 6-8 weeks and require frequent removing, retaping, and reapplying to stay looking their best. Maintaining tape in hair extensions requires brushing them regularly with a tangle teaser or extension brush to remove tangles while not over-shampooing too often with shampoo and conditioner free from sulfates. Avoid products containing alcohol and oils, as these can cause dryness and weaken tape attachments. Also important is attending maintenance appointments regularly to keep your hair looking its best!

Easy to Maintain

Hair tape extensions are far easier to keep up with than other methods because they are super light and thin, meaning they blend seamlessly with natural hair without tangling or washing, and blow-drying issues.

However, oily hair products must stay away from tape-ins. Doing so will prevent them from breaking down the tape that holds your extensions in place, leading to slip out and looseness of extensions. One tip for adequately caring for tape-ins is ensuring they are scorched before sleep. Wet hair soaked by your pillow could combine with body heat to promote mold growth.

Brush your tape-ins every morning and evening to prevent matting and knotting, taking extra care not to tug or pull at their wefts and pull them out of place.