Hair Styles For Women With Long Hair

Women with long layered locks have many styling options at their disposal when it comes to showing off their locks. Layers add volume, make thin locks appear fuller, and give length plenty of movement.

Subtle front layers

Subtle front layers that form soft face-framing fringe are an easy and effortless way to reshape your face shape. This style works best for women with oval or oblong facial features.


The V-Cut has been around for four decades and remains extremely popular today. This style is suitable for all skin tones and hair lengths alike; you can even style it into soft low chignons at the nape of your neck for special events! While maintaining flowy, wavy locks in a V shape may prove challenging at first, simply by gently shaking your head or tying casual ponytails can give this look an effortlessly feminine vibe that adds sophistication. If you want to add some subtle color into your V-cut, a subtle ombre could be just what’s needed to give your locks some depth. Perfect for brunettes looking to switch things up without going blonde. Additionally, adding highlights can give your strands an added pop of hue and frame your face beautifully while making your V-cut stand out!

Half-Up Half-Down

A half-up, half-down hairstyle is an easy way to keep your locks out of your face. Its simplistic style works beautifully on many hair styles and lengths. Homecoming dances, romantic date nights or just casual days out – it’s perfect. The shoulder-skimming strands can be pin up for an elegant look or left loose for more casual occasions. Plus, this look can be enhanced further with hair accessories like an oversized bow or floral crown! If your hair is shoulder-length or longer, framing loose curls with loose braids for an elegant and romantic style is another effective option. Textured braids will keep the look casual but still provide a beautiful finishing touch; try mixing in fishtail braids to add some excitement and variety!

Side-Sweep with Romantic Waves

Women with long wavy hair often opt for this style as it adds elegance and charm to any look. Its soft layers frame your cheekbones and eyes in an alluring yet feminine manner while its pixie texture and side-swept bangs give an effortlessly modern feel that’s easy to switch up for special events. To create this romantic look, use a curling wand or hot rollers to form loose waves or soft and voluminous curls, followed by using a hair brush to loosen and relax them before adding floral crowns or other boho accessories that stand out. If you want to make an impressionful statement with your hairstyle, try this red pixie cut with side-swept bangs – it is both classic and fashionable, making you sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Loose Ponytail

A classic ponytail is always an effective way to showcase the incredible texture of your hair, while simultaneously lifting and tightening your facial features for an attractive effect. Additionally, bangs brushed back neatly complement this style beautifully! Opting for a side-swept ponytail style with a deep side part for a modern take on this timeless hairstyle will help to minimize a high forehead or wide face and look absolutely fabulous with formal gown. This sophisticated look will look absolutely magnificent on special occasions. If you have dark brown hair, try this stunning look featuring head-braids arranged into a V shape which transition into a low ponytail and some copper ombre to add depth and texture. Sure to turn heads!