Protective hair Styles

1. Sky High Bun

Box braids are an extremely versatile style, capable of being styled into many different hairdos and looks. From stylish braided mohawks to an adorable milkmaid style, box braids will leave your mane looking its best throughout the year. Add face and hair gems for an ultra-glam style, then spritz lightly with lightweight edge control to channel Janet Jackson! This look can work for anyone aspiring to be just like Janet!

2. Long Braids with Blonde Color

Blonde box braids have become one of the most sought-after protective styles, due to their ability to complement every skin tone. This style could be perfect if you want to try blonde but fear damaging your natural locks by dyeing it first. With these medium-length jumbo box braids in wavy caramel blonde hue, the light tones will keep you feeling confident and stylish all year. Add an element of shine by including silver cuffed beads on some of your braids – just for extra flair! Are you trying something different? For an extra splash of pizzazz in your blonde box braids, twisting them up in French or fishtail twists is the way to go. This look keeps the hair out of your face while swaying confidently behind you; ideal for evening events and wedding receptions alike – feel like a Greek goddess in this fabulous updo!

3. Long Braids with Red and Coppery Orange

Color plays an integral part in making box braids aesthetically pleasing. Reds stand out beautifully against darker skin tones, while copper hues bring out your tan at its finest. But don’t be limited by these options alone; there are numerous shades you could experiment with! Purple box braids are another fashionable choice. Though slightly bolder than blonde, purple works beautifully for girls with tanned skin. Add accents such as the silver cuffs seen here to pull this shade off successfully while leaving the rest of your hair neat. Long box braids can be styled in various ways to look stunning – they’re versatile enough to look good whichever way they’re worn! Swept to one side or gathered into a ponytail; or twisted up into a bun as seen here – this girl choosing for more feminine touches by adding curly purple strands into her braids.

4. Long Braids with Brown Color

Long box braids offer a feminine and protective style that not only locks in moisture and promotes natural hair growth but can also look stylish! Their lengths vary between various thicknesses for an updo that frames your face perfectly and complements your complexion. Curling the ends of medium-length box braids will add a stunning and contemporary flair that will surely get compliments. Curly ends add a softness that looks sexy, working beautifully with any braids color. Ombre coloring is another hot trend of late, perfect for bold women looking to show their individuality through fashion. Try purple and pink ombre braids if you dare be different; the dynamic shade combination ranges from dark violet roots to cotton candy pink tips for an unforgettable look that will turn heads. This look makes an excellent statement. This look makes the ideal way to show off personality without being overwhelming.