Design For Square Faces

A square face looks better with straight, wavy, or curly hair. If you’re not sure which style is right for your face, consider choppy styles. The off-center nature of these looks will give your square face more width and length. If you’re worried about your jaw line, try an A-line bob with side-parts to soften the edges. A side part will add definition and keep your square face looking sleek and polished.

Styles for square faces can be short or long depending on the shape of your face. To accentuate the shape of your crown, choose a long wavy style with side-swept bangs. Choppy ends and layers add texture and a soft look to angular features. Body waves create a feminine look for straight hair, while point cut bangs frame your face. If you don’t want to part that off-center, try wearing that in a low ponytail instead.

Design For Square Face – Blue Anime hair


A square face can be flattering with the right style. Straight layers can elongate your jawline and highlight your cheekbones. However, a layered look can also make your square face look rounder. A straight pixie can also be the perfect style for this shape. It is easy to maintain and is the perfect medium length style for a woman with a flat, square jawline.

Finding a design for a square face can be tricky. While there are some common tips for this shape, there are some tricks that you can try to make your face look slimmer. The best way to achieve this is to have a style that is long, with layers or waves. If your face shape is square, try a layered or wavy style. Alternatively, you can go for a straight bob.