Hairstyle For Square Faces

Long Bobs with Center Parts

Long bobs with center parts are perfect for framing strong jawlines and softening angular features. This hairstyle gives an overall more feminine aesthetic. You can add caramel highlights to your long bob to soften your face. Opt for side-swept bangs to reduce some of your wider foreheads and make your face seem slimmer.

Long and Sleek Hairstyle

Long bobs that fall just past the shoulders can elongate your face. Ask your stylist to add subtle waves throughout for a soft, feminine feel. Use texturizing spray regularly to keep it looking healthy and full of life. Opt for a jaw-length shag with curtain bangs for an understated yet structured cut. This style helps balance a broad forehead and draws attention without overshadowing your strong jawline. A pixie with feathery layers can reshape your face and emphasize your high cheekbones. Use volumizing mousse on damp hair, tease thin sections with a teasing comb, and finish it off with light-hold hairspray for best results.

Textured Pixie

Enhance your natural texture with a curly pixie featuring choppy layers. This is an ideal short hairstyle for square faces as it softens the shape while offering flexible movement in your look. You can adjust how tightly or loosely your strands curl. One excellent style option is a long bob with a center part that frames your strong jawline. This hairstyle is easy to manage, making it perfect for anyone seeking a polished look with minimal effort. Use texturizing spray for added definition, or scrunch your locks for volume. Combined with long curtain bangs, it creates an eye-catching silhouette and an impressive face shape.

Long Bob with Center Part

A bob with a center part can be one of the best haircuts for square faces. Its longer face-framing layers soften a strong jawline while creating the impression of an elongated facial structure, wildly when styled with an unruly fringe. If you have thicker strands, ask your stylist to add layers that are longer in front and shorter at the back for a modern, lived-in look. Slight inward curling will also help soften any harsh facial structures.

Deep Side Parts

Deep side parts can accentuate your square face shape and extend your height. Ask your stylist to add several inches of length and layers around your forehead and cheekbones for an incredibly feminine and stunningly flattering result.

Lob with Face-Framing Pieces

A lob with soft face-framing layers is an excellent style choice for square faces. It draws attention away from an obvious jawline and softens your look while lengthening it simultaneously. This style works exceptionally well on straight to slightly wavy medium-length strands and can easily be styled using light-hold hairspray.

Balayage with Bangs and Waves

The balayage style is needed if you want a high-contrast color story without choosing between light and dark hair. With caramel highlights that blend seamlessly with its natural brown base, this timeless look suits any skin tone perfectly! Even with short hair, balayage can still add beauty. As this technique works on any length, your stylist can create face-framing streaks in various hues that frame your face beautifully before styling with a sleek bob or loose waves to achieve an irresistibly feminine look. Dark brown balayage with blonde highlights looks stunning when the lighter sections are concentrated at the ends. Combine this gorgeous hair color with curtain bangs to frame your face and complete the look.