The Coolest Hair Styles For Men in 2020

The Comb Over

The classic men’s comb-over is a popular style that always goes in fashion. It offers endless styling opportunities and is ideal for men who want to appear polished while having enough hair to play with. This style can be slicked back for an edgier look or kept natural with light pomade. Men with long textured hair can show off their waves with this cut by adding a tricky part and mid fade.

Long Textured Hair

Men with long textured hair have several options for appealing hairstyles. They can wear it neatly combed back and gelled for a casual or formal look. Thick hair can be styled into a spiky look, while the Caesar cut offers an elegant and sophisticated style with a high fade and side part.


The pompadour is a timeless style that adds height and dimension to any look. It can be styled formally with gel or left unruly for added character. This style works well for straight or wavy hair, and men with thick locks can showcase their hair with a drop fade and an undetectable neckline line.

Hard Part

The hard part is a clean and sharp haircut that is an updated take on the side part. It works well with various cuts, such as pompadours, fades, and undercuts. Complex parts require shaving for more definition and contrast, making them suitable for short to medium-length hair. Taper fades can create a bold style that highlights quiffs or long hairstyles.

Medium Curls

This hairstyle suits any man with curls, regardless of thickness or number. It can be combed back neatly with gel or pomade for a classic look. An undercut is a popular option for keeping short and manageable hair, featuring faded sides with longer hair on top that can be styled into quiffs or pompadours. A bald fade to this look provides a clean and sophisticated appearance while emphasizing natural curls and facial hair.