Hair Style For Man

A comb-over can be an elegant style choice for men and can easily be transformed into either a pompadour or a sleek back look with some pomade. A fade mohawk is an eye-catching style that combines the timeless high fade with short hair on top for a striking, stylish, and elegant finish. Perfect for suits as well as casual attire.


The mullet is one of the most fabulous hairstyles for men, as it can adapt to fit any face shape or personality. Typically, this style features short hair on the sides and back of the head and long locks at the top, often resembling a mohawk but sometimes fauxhawk or rat tail-esque. A mullet can be worn in many ways but always looks stylish and classy and makes a straightforward statement about oneself while remaining easy to manage. This look creates an excellent way to add some edge while staying easy-going on maintenance! Mullets can be worn at various lengths, though medium-length is the optimal length to give it its most striking look. This style works exceptionally well on those who have naturally wavy or curly locks, as it allows their natural texture to stand out more clearly. A faded mullet is one of the most iconic styles and can work with any hair color. This style features a light line running from your neck through your ears to your hairline – this helps keep the top layer neat and is especially helpful for public appearances! A wavy mullet is an attractive hairstyle suitable for any length of hair, featuring a layered cut that allows curls and waves to stand out for a voluminous effect. Additionally, this cut helps add thickness to thin locks, which may otherwise pose difficulty when it comes to other styles of mullets.


A comb-over is an ideal way to add flair and impress everyone who sees you. Versatile enough to accommodate various hair lengths and accented by hard part lines or other intricate designs, it is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Though taking some time and care to maintain, this style will leave an impressive first impression on everyone you meet! A dapper look for any man with long, thick hair, the comb-over can be made even brighter with fades on either side, creating an eye-catching, high-contrast look that appears refined and sharp. It is also an effective solution to draw attention away from widow’s peaks on your forehead. While the comb-over is versatile enough to be styled with any haircut, it is trendy when combined with a fade on the sides. This style emphasizes the difference between faded top hair and short, tapered sides and can be worn either high or low fade depending on personal preferences. Attaining the perfect comb-over can require practice, so it is wise to give specific instructions to your barber. Being detailed will allow them to provide a style you will love. In addition, make sure you bring along any products that will help achieve that ideal comb-over look, like wax or pomade; rub between hands before applying so it evenly coats all of your locks.


The quiff is an elegant classic hairstyle for men that adds volume to their locks. Ideal for medium-length locks, this hairstyle allows you to experiment with various products and styling techniques; use volumizing shampoo before styling your locks with pomade or gel, applying some to your hands before working through with fingers for maximum volume! To create a modern quiff, ask your barber to close-clip both sides and back, leaving the top four or five inches longer on top of your head. Comb upward and about using your fingers until the front part forms an obvious quiff more prominent than others. It is an ideal look for men looking for a masculine and distinctive style. This messy, textured quiff is perfect for men with full heads of hair. The semi-wavy top coat features plenty of volume offset by the taper fade on the sides and stubble beard that completes this look. Perfect for casual weekend activities as well as formal events! Professional hairstylists are your best resource for creating an eye-catching quiff style. They will work closely with you to select a haircut that will flatter your face shape and lifestyle, including photos demonstrating what hairstyle the stylist would like replicated precisely. Great barbers always take time to listen and understand what each client desires in terms of a look or cut.

Long Curls with a Low Fade

Curly fade hairstyles for men exude style and sophistication, drawing all eyes towards its signature curls that take center stage when combined with beards. With natural or created curls, this hairstyle works on anyone. Ensure your coils are loose and bouncy before styling them into a side-parting arrangement to achieve maximum effect. Furthermore, this style works beautifully when worn alongside pompadour or quiff styles. If you have medium-length curly hair, this style could be ideal. By leaving longer locks on top and having your barber create a low or high fade on the sides and back of your head, this look provides a classic and refined style perfect for any special event or social gathering. One of the many benefits of this haircut is its straightforward maintenance requirements. A high-quality sulfate-free shampoo should do just fine when cleaning your locks, while daily brushing with a wide-toothed comb will prevent tangles and knotting from developing.

Furthermore, adding some pomade or mousse could add volume and texture. Mid-taper fades are another popular style among men with curly locks, as this hairdo features a gradual fade from the top of the head to the neckline that can be adjusted according to your taste. Pair this style with a pompadour or quiff to lengthen facial features for an enhanced effect and balanced appearance, perfect for short-haired men who desire a fuller head while adding polish and style.


This hairstyle is ideal for men who want to maintain an elegant yet trendy appearance without compromising dignity. It features medium-length combed-back hair with overgrown stubble on either side, giving this classic yet fashionable style its charm. Additionally, this look pairs nicely with full beards to further elevate its elegance and sophistication. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to show off their rugged and adventurous side. Combining short hair length with solid beard features creates an attractive contrast that will draw people in. A dark beard adds even more character and flare to this style! A high fade haircut paired with a beard gives an aged and sophisticated appearance and can make you appear even more mature and sophisticated. Keep the beard short or let it grow out longer, depending on your taste; long-haired individuals might try wearing their locks up in formal spikes for an impressive and trendy appearance. Growing your beard long and leaving it untamed is another popular style that makes an intimidating statement, pairing it perfectly with a chin strap and looking very dramatic. This hair and beard combination can also impress others at work or social events; beard trimmers, hair oil, and fine-toothed combs can quickly help maintain this style for optimal results.