Hair style for kids boys

This high-volume brush-up style is ideal if your kiddo wants to express themselves with bold hair designs. The brushed-up texture showcases their natural hair texture, while the sides are tapered for contrast.

Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League or, Harvard Clip, or Princeton haircut is an age-old trend that always stays in style. This shortcut usually features faded side and back fades with a sleek crown at its center. Add a small fringe or quiff for an updated style; typically, only minimal products such as light styling wax are necessary to maintain this style.

High and Tight

This classic boy’s cut is ideal for any child. It combines short sides with a more extended top area that can be styled into any design, and requires little maintenance for lasting smart looks that should last around four weeks. This modern hairstyle for kids features a messy fringe with short spikes that contrast nicely with its long, textured length on top. It is easy to maintain and makes an excellent option for boys looking to express themselves while remaining versatile in style.

Undercut Fade with Hard Part

A faded haircut with a hard part is an attractive style for boys that’s easy to maintain and style, providing them with longer top hair that can be styled back with hair gel or wax for extra texture and hold. This brushed-up style is striking and eye-catching, featuring a bold medium fade and two straight lines on the fringe to create a unique visual contrast.

Buzz Cut

Instead of shortening your kid’s curly locks, show off its natural volume and texture with a high-f fade haircut. This style gives him an elegant outlined look suitable for any dress code as well as providing him with plenty of room to experiment. A disconnected undercut is another great choice for boys who like to spike their hair, especially when combined with a modern touch, such as adding a textured quiff for added volume and modernity. It even looks fantastic with a deep side part.

Short Textured Bangs

Textured hairstyles are an easy and attractive option for boys who wish to keep their locks long, as they require only minimal styling tools and products. A few drops of gel or hair wax can add texture and hold. A taper fade with a hard part is an ideal haircut for boys with wavy or curly locks, providing a stylish, low-maintenance style that looks sophisticated yet easy to care for – perfect for making them feel mature and ready for school! Additionally, this style helps tame spiky locks by creating more balanced waves overall.

Long hair with Side Part

Long top and high fade haircuts have always been timeless classics that never go out of fashion, making this long top and high fade hairstyle ideal for children attending school. It keeps their locks short enough, yet still looks polished and well-groomed! If your kid wants an elegant style, opt for a low taper haircut that gives their wavy locks structure and creates a sleek finish with multiple styling possibilities. This provides them with ample freedom when styling their locks themselves. Befitting of his rebellious spirit, this spiky hairstyle can easily be achieved with a regular barber cut and some gel or hair wax.

Drop Fade with Quiff

A sleek variation of the crew cut that combines complex part styling with fade haircut design. Its curly top stands against shaved sides and can even be styled into a faux hawk or other methods for added effect. Low or skin-fade hairstyles are popular choices among boys with straight locks. This style creates a striking contrast between the left-over top hair brushed back into a comb-over or spiked out using gel for the low fade look, and any extra top coat left untidily styled overtop.

Extra Short Trimmed Sides With Punk-Styled Top

If your boy has medium-long hair, this fun haircut style allows his natural texture to show while remaining neat and tidy. The sides are trimmed close while the top can be styled either brushed back up or spiked for an eye-catching rebellious touch. This classic haircut is ideal for kids looking for a professional and sleek style. The high-volume brush-up conveys youthfulness, while the skin fade provides a stylish edge. If your son wants to show off his rebellious side, give him this chic brushed-up mohawk style with two shaved lines and extended side fringe brushed up and spiked with gel for an eye-catching look.