Hair Style Braids For Ladies

Braids: Adding Color and Texture

Braids are a versatile hairstyle that can add color and showcase natural texture. Celebrities like Beyonce have popularized braids, with her Lemonade braids starting a trend. To enhance your look, try a stylish side braided ponytail. Customize it with trendy accessories like beads or wires for added appeal.

Lace Braid: Exquisite and Delicate

The lace braid is an intricate style of French braiding. It involves adding hair from only one side of your head, creating an exquisite and delicate braid that accentuates your face and eyes. Start by sectioning off a 3″ section for braiding. Detangle your hair and then cross over sections one at a time until all the pieces have been added. This elegant style pairs nicely with jeans and a cute top. For a dramatic touch, add real or faux flowers to your lace braid. This braid also looks fantastic with low buns or ponytails. Use texturizing products or dry shampoo for added texture before braiding.

Halo Braids: Elegant and Shimmering

Halo braids are another elegant style that adds a bit of shimmer to your appearance. This effortless style can easily transform your look and pairs beautifully with any dress. Start by combing and dividing your hair into three equal sections. Flip strand 1 under section 2 and over section 3, repeating until reaching the end. Secure the braid with an elastic hair tie for added impact. This versatile style works well for casual dinner parties and beach trips.

Fishtail Braid: Playful and Eye-Catching

Fishtail braids are a playful and eye-catching twist on traditional pigtails. Divide your hair evenly and fishtail braid the front half tightly. Continue this technique until the desired length is reached, then secure with a small hair tie. For a clean look, use dry shampoo before braiding. For a messy finish, loosen the braid and use bobby pins and hairspray.

Goddess Braid: Intricate and Standout

Goddess braids are a striking hairdo that combines thick and thin braids twirled back into a low bun. It’s an ideal hairstyle for prom season and will surely make you stand out. Beyonce featured this hairstyle on her Lemonade album in 2017, combining cornrows and Fulani braids. You can wear them in various ways, from a jumbo rope to a top knot or letting them hang loose. To add dimension and shine, consider dyeing your goddess braids in an eye-catching hue like burgundy, a favorite among celebrities. The rich color will draw attention to your unique hair texture.