Style and Color Ideas For Blondes and Brunettes

Change is never easy and switching up your hair color requires regular upkeep to maintain its shade. Speak to your stylist about finding colors best suited to your skin tone for best results.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of those rare shades that looks equally striking on both blonde and brunette locks, creating a truly timeless aesthetic. To avoid an all-out bleach job, try adding rose gold highlights instead of bleaching out all your natural color altogether – this balayage treatment features dark brown base hair colored with soft pink pastel tones that transition seamlessly into warm rose gold tones.

Pale blonde locks provide the ideal canvas for adding rose gold hues, as it allows the hues to sparkle without looking overly vibrant or intense. Furthermore, this makes this trend more accessible for those with lighter locks who may otherwise require pre-lightening treatments to attain it.

Rose gold can make an eye-catching statement in straight hair styles like this bob. The soothing pastel tones look equally striking whether worn as part of an elegant smooth style or loose waves or curls.

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is an ideal option for most skin tones, offering warmth to warm undertones while remaining neutral enough to complement cool neutral tones equally thanks to its variety of golden, copper, caramel, and amber undertones.

If your client has dark roots, using the shadow root (or shadow-to-natural) technique will allow them to achieve a sun lightened look with minimal damage caused by bleaching. Your stylist will apply paint strands of their desired shade beneath their roots before blending in their natural shade at the roots.

Soft honey blonde balayage, commonly referred to as babylights or softer ombre, can provide another easy and low-maintenance way of lifting dark bases. Your stylist will hand-paint strands of the lighter shade above your client’s natural shade, creating an eye-catching gradient effect perfect for brunettes!


Whoever said blondes had all the fun must never have met an irresistibly beautiful brunette! From warm hues such as cinnamon and chocolate to cooler hues like ash brown and chestnut, the options for brunette hairstyles truly are limitless!

Nothing brightens dark brown strands quite like highlights, so ask your colorist to incorporate babylights or caramel highlights into your balayage and give it an instant sun-kissed effect – this rich shade pairs beautifully with pink, peachy complexions while making green or blue eyes really stand out.

If you want a quick way to show some contrast without much maintenance, opt for a brunette-to-blonde highlight instead. Consult your colorist about creating a money piece, the perfect way to frame your face and make you shine. With regular trimming and touch-ups, this look should last well into the future!

Natural Blonde with Dark Roots

If you are a brunette looking to lighten up, opt for an elegant yet neutral shade such as an ash blonde hue that will cover up roots easily while staying within budget. Touch-ups won’t need to happen as frequently, saving both time and money!

Warm blonde with dark roots is another perfect shade, as this versatile look suits all strands from short bobs to long wavy locks. Textured strands especially benefit from this hue as it brings out their natural-looking texture.

Your colorist may offer to perform a shadow root fade – an innovative coloring technique which blends your natural root color with that of your blonde strands to eliminate uneven roots and patchy highlights during the grow-out period. It’s perfect for those seeking relief from their long grow-out period!