Blue Anime Model For Guys With Stubbly hair

After about two to five days of not shaving, hair grows back in the form of hair stubble. This type of growth requires some maintenance. While some guys’ hair grows evenly, the majority of men’s  is uneven. If you’re one of them, you may want to trim or prune the areas outside of your growth pattern twice a week. In most cases, this is a once-off thing. If you do it every day, the result will be a neat, tidy, and stylish appearance.


For men, stubble is the result of growing hair without shaving. It can vary in thickness, shape, and maintenance, and varies from guy to guy. Some guys have perfect, even-growing hair, but most have uneven growth patterns. This often means a man will need to trim, shape, and prune hair outside of his natural growth zones. This can leave a man’s stubble looking untidy and unsightly.