How to Style Your Hair With a hair Stick

Hair sticks add an elegant finishing touch to any updo and are safer for your mane than hair ties and pins – helping prevent breakage while keeping it healthy!

Chignon Style

A chignon is an elegant alternative to the classic bun, and can be styled on all hair lengths and textures. A braided version looks especially striking; whether using one thick braid (as worn by Blake Lively) or multiple small braids.

Enhance the glamour factor by adding hair accessories into your chignon, such as floral crowns or gold hair pieces like those seen on Megan Markle. This is also an effective way to give low chignons some added volume when they don’t look full enough.

For an effortless take on a chignon, twist your ponytail clockwise around itself until it forms a coil, insert a hair stick into its top portion, push it down through your bun’s base, and repeat on both halves of hair to achieve a chic yet sleek chignon suitable for formal events.

French Twist

Even with curly locks, it is possible to achieve the look of a French twist with strategically-placed pins. Follow this tutorial from @simplybeautiful_xo for help taming those curls and creating sleek updos that showcase your beautiful locks!

Tease the crown and back sections to give your French Twist more height, like Scarlett Johansson did. Use a fine-tooth comb for smooth and polished results before setting with hairspray to hold this style in place.

@amberrosepeake demonstrates a playful version of a French Twist by creating a messy twist with her lengths left out around her face for a romantic and feminine vibe. She used a mix of SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist and hair Mousse on damp lengths before backcombing, tucking under, twisting, backcombing, and backcombing before finally securing with several strategically-placed hair sticks to complete this textured up-do.

High Bun

Shorter strands don’t have to hold you back from creating a sleek bun with the help of a hair stick! Try this style on top of a loose ponytail and secure with some bobby pins before spraying with Pureology Soft Finish Hairspray to hold in place and complete the look!

TikToker @frayedfeems created an eye-catching style by pulling two front pieces forward and twisting them into a double bun at the crown of her head, using an elegant decorative hairstick as an accent piece.

When purchasing a hair stick, make sure it does not feature rough edges or splinters and consider its weight before selecting one. A basic wooden chopstick, such as those provided with Chinese takeout, can work just as well; alternatively, you could purchase more stylish options from online retailers.

Side Bun

A side bun is an elegant hairstyle that can easily transform from formal occasions to everyday casual wear. Use a hair stick for added flair by weaving it through braids and wrapping it around the bun.

Hair sticks may seem best-suited for individuals with longer locks, but this style works just as well with shorter styles. Start by tying two side-by-side braids together into a ponytail near the crown before gathering all remaining locks to form a low, loose bun at the back of your head.

Pull the hair back and pin into place, ensuring some face-framing tendrils protrude from behind your bun. This look works well for days with second (or third!)-day hair, as well as dressy events like dance nights or formal parties; pair it with knee-length dresses to look your best!