Hair Sisters Review

Sisterlocks: A Natural Option for Extensions

Sisterlocks are a cost-effective choice for extensions that require minimal maintenance. They differ from traditional locs as they are installed by a trained consultant using a specialized tool. These tiny dreadlocks can be installed on any hair type and offer versatility in styling.

Benefits of Sisterlocks

Sisterlocks use an interlocking technique that is gentler on hair follicles and reduces installation. Retightening costs are trendy among black women as they can add length, volume, and thickness to both curly and short locks. These durable dreadlocks also retain their natural size, making them suitable for low-density hair.

Styling and Accessories

You can achieve beautiful and stylish results with Sisterlocks with the right products and styling techniques. Consider incorporating hair accessories for added flair and experimenting with different looks. TikTok user @anointingea showcased her creativity by braiding long twists and adding an eye-catching hat, achieving a stunning result.

Affordability at hair Sisters

hair Sisters is an online store offering affordable synthetic and human hair wigs and accessories like braids and clips.

DN Organics: Clean Beauty Products

Cory Dahlia Varona Corniel and Nicol Varona Cancelmo, natural curly beauties turned sisters-preneurs, created their line of clean beauty products called DN Organics. They opened a local beauty supply bar in Sonoma County to provide quality products and knowledgeable staff. They aim to encourage women to embrace their natural locks, promote good practices like using hot water when washing hands, and minimize excessive brushing.